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A better day

Today’s food choices have been much better then the last few days.  I decided not to eat take out today and I stuck to my guns.  In the process of eating in I discovered a yummy meal. I bought some Red Lobster biscuit mix when I did groceries a couple weeks back and decided to bake some today. They are delicious and 4pts plus per biscuit. I had some leftover chicken so I made a chicken sandwich on the biscuits it was amazing. So amazing that I had it for lunch and supper. My veggy intake was pretty much non existent today but I did manage to eat lots of fruit. I had pear, grapes and lots of watermelon.

It’s pretty warm in our house today since the front of the house is all windows and the sun is on them on day. We can’t open these windows either some come summer time it’s like an oven in our kitchen and dinning room. Since their giving hot again tomorrow I am planning my food out and baking/cooking what needs to be cooked for tomorrow. I have made some rice and sweet potato so far. The chicken has just been seasoned and put in the oven. It smells wonderful in our house right now. I found a new maple spice blend and I am hoping it tastes as good as it smells. I also have some steaks defrosting that I will be seasoning and cooking up as soon as their defrosted. The way I see it is if everything is cooked all I have to do is reheat and serve. Or if I don’t feel like eating something hot I can make a rice salad with chicken and sweet potatoes and sundried tomato dressing.

The thing that I have saved for last is the thing I am most proud of today. My exercise. I did an hour workout with my amazing trainer from 730-830 am. I then came home and saw that the kids needed to get out of the house today so I loaded them up and we went for a walk around the lake it was an hour and a half walk and it was great we saw butterflies and geese and ducklings it was great and it was a form of exercise I didnt think was exercise till after I was done. We then came home ate our lunch had some quiet time and then headed to the park for an hour and a half. It’s been a very productive day in the exercise department.

Lets hope its another great day tomorrow 🙂

I thought I was on track

It seems that my mind is willing to lose weight but my mouth and stomach have teamed up to  make my weight loss difficult. So far today I’ll I’ve eaten are Doritos and a can of coke zero. I have to admit I have been going to bed late which means I’ve been tired which usually leads to junk food binges. So after I’m done typing this I’m going to have some quiet time maybe even a nap if the kids allow it and I will make a better choice in food as soon as I get up.

I tend to eat junk food when I’m overtired cause I don’t want to think about anything. I want to make sure the kids have what they need and get thru the day so I can get a good nights sleep. I need to start doing meal prep on sundays so that I don’t have an excuse to eat the crappy food when I’m overtired or stressed. So since I have nothing defrosted yet for tomorrow starting next week I’m going to start meal prepping. I will have just made a trip to the grocery store so everything will be yummy and fresh. I’ll try making my meal plan in the next few days and posting it ( I am not a dietician but I will be cooking meals that my family and I enjoy) I’ll even try to put the points plus value of my meals with it.

Have a great day everyone 🙂


They need to want it

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been on this weight loss roller coaster for a long time. I also have a lot of friends and family members that need to lose some weight but they need to want to change. This has been the hardest thing for me to grasp. I have reached out and giving people some of what I’ve learned over the years and I am met with with either a person wanting to know more information or a person that thinks they have everything under control. I was watching extreme makeover weight loss edition last night (I’m a little behind but I have everyone on my PVR) and Chris Powell did something I though was amazing. He gave the participant Jayce a chance to pay it forward and gave him a certificate to give to one of his friends to go to bootcamp. Now when that happened I’m not gonna lie I wish I knew Jayce personally so he could pay it forward to me lol. But my second though was who would I pay it forward to and I couldn’t come up with an answer because I could not figure out who would want this amazing gift. A list of people I know that need to get healthy came to mind but who could handle the pressure and the pain of bootcamp I was drawing a blank. Now for all of you reading this it doesn’t mean I don’t think your committed to your health goals I’m just not sure if you would want this gift.

Would you want this as a gift or a pay it forward? I’m a hell yes right away but I’ve also been struggling with my weight for years.

The hardest thing about loving people and wanting them to be healthy is the fine line between encouraging them and harassing them about their health. You might mean well when you mention this or that but how their internal dialogue is that day, month or minute can make the difference between them hearing what you are saying and them feeling attacked.

I guess as a closing I feel the need to say that you need to be selfish when it comes to weight loss. You can’t get hung up on the people that don’t want help but you should focus on your journey. What you need and want. Sometimes that means friendships and relationships change but you need to do what’s right for you.

Weigh In

Ok so last night I decided to watch a movie and completely forgot to blog my weigh in results. So sorry about that but here are the results. I gained 1.4 lbs this week. And you want to know how. Well let me tell you how I let my inner child decide what I was eating. I  decided to be a spoiled little brat, bake my cake and eat it too.  I completely over did it with my anniversary dinner and my sons birthday party too. I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t think of how it would make me feel but what I was feeling in the moment. Do I regret it a little but there is no point in dwelling on the past , you just need to move forward and never give up.

Last night I realized something I didn’t realize I was doing until this morning. After my bad weigh in I came home and ate my supper that I had planned on eating which was fine. But then I decided to ask my husband to go to the store and buy some caramel ripple ice cream. When he came home he had the ice cream I had asked him to go buy as well as my favorite chips. What’s a woman to do? Choose between yummy ice cream and chips I don’t think so you eat both without measuring the portion size or counting your points. And that delicious ice cream well it’s just not quite as good without some home made magic shell on it. I do feel guilty about that pig out but I did learn that I have a way of sabotaging myself and now that I’m aware I can fix it. Lesson learned 🙂

Nothing Tastes as good as Healthy feels

Last night was a night of celebration. I celebrated my seventh wedding anniversary and I went all out. We ended up at our favorite restaurant. We had hot wings, yam fries, steak and dessert. I didn’t regret my meal at all even thou it did put me over my points plus for the day. Today however I decided to indulge some more and got a big mac meal for lunch. It was so not worth it. And I’m also not done eating for the day which means I will most definitly be over my points plus again today. We are celebrating again today except for today’s celebration is for my sons 6th birthday. We re serving hot dogs, watermelon, veggies, fruit and cake. Looks like I will be sticking to the veggies and fruits to fill me up. And I will be having a piece of cake for sure.  There are times in life when we are going to indulge but I need to remind myself that nothing will taste as good as healthy feels. Healthy will keep me around longer so I can travel and do all the things I want to do. I’ll update you on my weight in tomorrow night 🙂


Schools out for summer

Sadly the last day of school came a little early here in the province of British Columbia as our teachers went on a full strike. Which means I went from having one child home all day to 3 children home all day. And as busy as I have been keeping them I am hoping we can get into a more relaxed routine where they don’t expect a playdate everyday but a simple trip to the park will do. It’s been a little rainy here this week so I made the most of it by taking the kids to play at the free play area at the mall. Well the free play area is amazing but the kids seem to instantly get hungry  the second we step into the mall. My kids new addiction is a strawberry smoothy from Orange Julius and a hot dog. It’s not exactly cheap or nutritious so I’m going to have to start bringing snacks and a small meal for them.

I’m headed out to the states tomorrow to get some shopping done for my son’s 6th birthday. I usually love taking the opportunity to eat at a new restaurant in the states but this time I’ve decided to pack a lunch so I can stay on track and eat sensibly. Plus with my 7 year anniversary coming up on Monday I hope to save a few of my cheap points for that night. So what am I bringing with me. A ham and cheese sandwich, some strawberries, some watermelon and some nuts. I’m also going to bring my bottle of water and drink lots since it’s actually suppose to be a nice day tomorrow.

Weight in day

So I had a great meeting today where we talked about Bites, Licks and Tastes(BLT). It really opened your eyes to how many more calories ( or points ) you could be consuming. I’m proud to say that this week is my fourth week at WW and I got my keychain today. I also picked up some yummy snacks that are on sale to keep me on track when a craving hits.

Anyway enough about that I’m sure you want to know what I weighed in at. I actually maintained my weight loss this week. And I think a big part of the reason is cause I lost 4.9 lbs last week. Now I’m going to watch my points very carefully this week and hope I am down next week 🙂

Light at the end of the tunnel

After feeling like I would never stop craving the junk food and ordering take out today I did better. Today was crazy busy with a play date, a soccer game and gymnastics for my little ones and I have to say the only take out we had was subway for dinner. I made an amazing new recipe for breakfast that became breakfast and lunch. I made zucchini quiche which was only 1 pts + per serving. It was quick and easy to make and if you like making breakfast interesting for the little ones you can make it a Dr Seuss style green eggs and ham. I’m hoping for a maintain or a loss this week on the scale so I’ll update you tomorrow night. But for now here’s the link to the amazing WW recipe.




I’m a loser

That’s right everyone at my weekly meeting on wednesday (sorry it took so long to post this) I was a loser. I lost 4.9 lbs this week on the scale. Now I know that not all weeks will have losses like that but I started tracking my food and I also started working out with my trainer again which is probably why I had such success this week. Sadly I would love to say I had this huge loss and all my cravings and bad eating habits went away but alas that isn’t the case.

It all started with a stressful day that led me to the McDonalds drive thru to order the famous big mac meal and it has been pretty much a take out party ever since then. But tonight my last take out meal has been eaten. I enjoyed some delicious greek food but it is back to it tomorrow with healthy eating.

I don’t want to dwell on my bad eating for the past few days cause what’s done is done and all I can do is get back on the wagon and start eating what I should be eating.

This week at my meeting we talked about what our plan is weight loss wise for the summer. I found it interesting that there was three options. 1. Full speed ahead lets keep on losing weight. 2. Maintain our weight and not gain  or 3. Have no plan on losing weight or counting points, calories etc and being ok with a gain. Now maybe it’s just cause I have recently found my weight loss motivation again lately but I don’t think a weight gain should even be in the plans. I know we all get busy in the summer with vacations and the kids are home from school and you don’t want to stress about it but I know I would be extremely unhappy with myself if I knew that I didn’t prevent myself from gaining weight. Also I find that there is always going to be an excuse to gain weight…it’s summer, it’s the holidays, it was my birthday, I have too much going on between my schedule and the kids schedule etc etc  So I am committing to losing weight this year. I have no excuses except I am too lazy if I gain weight. I have the WW app so even if I go out I can pick out a sensible meal and also I’m going to make a binder of meals that have the WW points already calculated so that I can stay on track with delicious and nutritious meals 🙂

Well it’s late here now so I’m off to bed and tomorrow I’m planning on making myself some crustless quiche

Eating gone wild

Yesterday I had a dinner out with a friend and I swear I could not control my eating. It all started with brownie cookies that I bought at walmart while shopping for groceries with the kids. I had one cookie and realized it was 5 points plus which is insane but then they kept calling to me. The for supper I went to the keg where I had bread, steak, mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes and a piece of billy miner pie. I was stuffed and I went over my points for the day but not my points for the week and I have some weekly points saved up as well.


Today was a great day of fun in the sun with the family. We had a healthy home made picnic on the beach by the ocean and played for hours at the park. After that we came home and had some downtime before heading out and going for a walk at a nearby lake.  All in all today was a great day food wise and exercise wise.

The thing I am most proud of today is I did not cave and order food. Usually after a full day of being out I would complain of being tired and order food or go to a drive thru. Today I went to the grocery store and bought steak to cook up for the family with some mushrooms which was delicious and better than any take out around here.