Monthly Archives: April 2015

Weekend recap

This weekend has been pretty busy.  I actually feel like I need a weekend from my weekend lol.


On Friday I went to the weight loss clinic and got to meet the Dr and one of the dieticians. I have a bunch of questionnaires to fill out and some blood work to do. Sadly that’s all the info I can give you guys about the program since I have to sign a confidentiality agreement. I haven’t even gotten my meal plan or anything but from talking to the Dr and the dietician I am excited to go on this journey.

Saturday was spent mostly waiting to get bloodtest done to see if I’m a diabetic and my cholesterols levels etc are. After that I came home for about an hour and then realized my son had to get to hip hop. While he was there I picked up a few groceries with my husband and other two children. Then we hit the park to try and teach our kids how to play four square and let them run around. Then back home so I could get ready for a girls night with my friends. We were suppose to watch a movie but ended up chatting instead which was good. We even had a few drinks and of course some yummy treats.

And finally today Sunday. We got up and decided that after church we were going to be going to a park for a picnic. So while the kids played some WII I got to enjoy some tv time and pack a picnic. We ended up going for a walk and playing at the park.  To finish the week off I prepped some veggies for the week and made some baked goods for the kids.

All in all it was a crazy busy weekend but it was also tons of fun. Here’s to another crazy week. Hope you had a great weekend!

Weight loss program

So lately my doctor has been pushing for bariatric surgery as most of you know. I am still not 100% on board or off board with this idea but I wanted to try and lose the weight one more time without having to deal with the surgery.

I talked about a program I found a little while ago that I had applied for and I wanted to update all of you. It looks like I have gotten into the program. I went to an orientation the other day and they had lots of useful information. They didn’t get into specifics of what we will be eating on plan since everyone has different medical issues etc. However they did explain that to calculate the amount of calories you have they have you sit in a machine to calculate your base metabolic rate. I’m sure this machine has a name lol but I don’t remember it.

They also explained that this isn’t a cut and dry weight loss program where they give you a meal plan and then weight you in every week and hope you lost weight. They have a ton of experts following you. They have a psychologist, dietician, a doctor and another staff member that is specialized in exercises. It really is a whole package.

I go back on Friday for what we have been told will be the most extensive physical we have ever had so I will let you all know how that goes 🙂

If you live in BC and are interested in the program here’s the website!

Zero points plus dessert

With summer coming I know I will be craving ice cream but I don’t want to waste all my points on it. So I decided I wanted to make a low points dessert instead I made a 0 points dessert that even the kids love. I even let them eat it for breakfast. So what’s this healthy and delicious recipe you ask. It’s 2 sliced and frozen bananas with 1/2 cup to a cup of frozen cheeries. Let both defrost 5 to ten minutes then put in the food processor and that’s it. If you want to get fancy you can melt some coconut oil and chocolate chips to make some home made magic shell. Look at how yummy it looks with out the chocolate.


Sorry it’s not the best picture I’m working on taking better pics.

Tracking devices

Your probably thinking I’m going to be talking about a fitbit or jawbone but that’s not the type of tracking device I am talking about.

For the past two hours I have been ripping my house apart. I even went thru the trash(eww). Why? Because my daughter has misplaced her beloved blanky or as we call it her doux doux which translates to soft soft. I cannot even count the amount of times my kids have lost things in our house lately. And yes we are constantly telling them to leave them in their beds or we won’t be looking for them come bed time. We once spent two weeks looking for baby elephant only to find out that our youngest was hiding him from our oldest. I think all kids toys should come with a tracking device that beeps or something when we want to find them. It would save parents a lot of time. It would also save a lot of frustration for everyone involved. On that note I’m off to look for this darn blanket again. So far we have been looking for 2 hours and counting!