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It’s 2019!!!

Wow 2018 flew by. Although I didn’t blog much last year lots happened. I’m ready to dive back into the online world of blogging and hoping to make a post at least once a week.

I think my start to 2019 was pretty awesome. I got a workout in. I cleared a space in the family room to be able to workout and I even managed to get a few breakfasts prepped for the week. Tomorrow I’ll focus on prepping some lunches. Our suppers are mostly taken care of due to a gift card my husband received.

We got a Fresh Prep gift card and although I never though I would enjoy this type of thing, I really am enjoying it. Every Wednesday I get three meals delivered to the house that we picked the previous week. It gives me a chance to try some new foods I wouldn’t normally. Also since the foods are a little fancier. My husband and I keep them for date night! That’s right no more getting a babysitter and paying to sit in a crowded restaurant. While the kids peacefully sleep we can eat our meal after preparing it together. Here’s a picture of just one of the meals we made. I do highly recommend you try a meal prep service at least once even if just to try some new foods.