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Working Out

Previously I had a personal trainer which I loved, sadly they cost an arm and a leg to keep so I no longer have one. I tried finding a gym that had daycare for the littles and they were either way to expensive or too far of a drive. I have gotten use to working out a lot so not having anything wasn’t an option. But I liked the idea of being in my house to workout. So I am doing a few things I join as many challenges online as I can. You can find them on Facebook or myfitnesspal or Pinterest or even make your own like this one that I found online.


Another way I’m staying active is I bought the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution DVD’s and I became a member of BeachBody on Demand.  Now you don’t need all of these things to stay active you can pick one or even just walk but like I said I like to really challenge myself and get a good sweat on. I also like that the kids can join in on the fun or do their own thing to the music while I workout. I’m a firm believer in leading by example.

How do you get your sweat on? Any programs, classes or even youtube video’s I should look into?


Sleep and food

It’s currently 12:57 Am here.  I wish I could sleep but for some reason my body is having nothing to do with it. Thankfully I have Netflix and a good pair of earphones so I can entertain myself while the rest of the house sleeps peacefully.

Truthfully I have no idea why my sleep is so out of whack yet again. Tomorrow’s plan is to get outdoors with the kids and enjoy a beautiful walk. And to also resist the urge to nap in the afternoon. Hopefully that will solve my sleeping problems and if it doesn’t then I’ll be asking my medical team if I can use some melatonin for a few nights to help me sleep and get a regular sleep patter going.

I’ve also noticed that since my sleep pattern has been off so had my eating. I think I’m just so exhausted that I can’t think of what I can and can’t eat and then since I’m not hungry I decide to keep waiting to eat but I am never hungry. Well besides my head hunger that is. So since I am awake at this ridiculous time of night I have decided that tomorrow I will be making spaghetti squash casserole and a big pot of chilli.

For now I’m off to watch some Netflix and hopefully drift away to sleep 🙂