Monthly Archives: August 2019

Settling in and Ramblings

Well we have been in our home for a couple months now and I finally feel like we are settled in. Our furniture is all here and set up. Our boxes are unpacked, our pantry is replenished and things are just generally falling into place.

Now this blog is going to be a mix of ramblings since I feel like I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing here so please bear with me.

We are gearing up for another year of homeschooling and plan on starting the official school year Monday. I have to say I am really really excited to get going this year with our homeschooling plans. One of the things I’m most excited about is I’m going to get the kids in the kitchen with me. We are going to have a hopefully weekly Master chef type box that also includes a bit of information about where the dish we are preparing comes from.

As well as starting homeschooling I want to start a concrete workout routine again. Yes we have moved and I am constantly moving but I miss a good sweat session so will be incorporating that into my day.

Another one of my goals is to get involved in something in the community. I’m going to try a local Zumba class and I’ve also signed up for a cooking class.

See I wasn’t kidding about the rambling lol. I guess that’s it for today. I’ll check back in soon.