Monthly Archives: April 2020

It’s Snowing In April

It’s April 18th and snowing! The flakes that are dancing around look beautiful but I wasn’t expecting snow this late in the year. Then again 2020 has been throwing us a few curve balls, so we will roll with it.

I’ve been keeping myself busy unpacking, organizing, cooking and, meal planning. Today’s organization focused mostly on the kitchen but I’m hoping tomorrow I can get my workout room sorted and utilizing my treadmill.

I’m trying to create a new normal in our house. I think if we dwell to much on what’s going on in the world right it’s not going to help anything. We are celebrating things we can do instead of dwelling. For instance we had a BBQ for lunch today. Yes it was a small thing but it lifted our spirits and gave us an excuse to stop unpacking lol. What was a small thing that you did to lift your spirits today?

Trying Times

I’ve been going over and over how I am going to get back into the groove of blogging. I have so much to say yet I just can’t seem to get it all down on paper. With the current world events I think I need to start throwing myself back into what I am going to consider my new normal. I need to keep unpacking and settling into our new home that’s a given. But I also need to get back to keeping my mind and my hands busy with delicious, nutritious and cheap meals.

It’s so easy to go back to eat junk food in times like these because let’s face it their comforting. So my challenge for this week is to cook from my freezers, pantry and fridge and share some delicious meal ideas. Now they won’t all be low carb, keto or the most bariatric friendly but they will feed my family.

How are you keeping busy during these trying times? What foods have you cooked up in the kitchen?