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So I’m still down with pneumonia which means I have tons of time to be on Pinterest. I know I blogged about how I can’t be trusted on that site since I pin a bunch of stuff I will probably never make but what’s a sick girl to do after checking facebook 20 thousand times. I have to say I am glad I went on there tonight. I found a bunch of healthy recipes for snacks. I love my sweets. If there is chocolate in the house I want it. I love baking and having baked goods on hand for when someone drops by. I thought I would share a list of what I found on here in case your bored with your current snack situation. If I make any of these I will try to remember to take some pictures.

1.Frozen yogurt covered berries. How simple is that take a delicious berry dip it in your favourite yogurt and freeze.

2.Frozen sliced banana topped with yogurt and 1 chocolate chip per slice of banana. Freeze for an hour and eat. You don’t have to freeze these they are delicious either way.

3.Chia seed pudding. There are so many versions of this it’s amazing.

4.Overnight oats. Who says they have to be for breakfast?

5.Baked oatmeals

6.A tortilla roll up. The possibilities with this one are endless. You can take a tortilla and put some peanut butter, jam and raisins inside. Or you can put cream cheese and jam inside. Or you can make a banana, peanut butter, chocolate chip roll up.

7.Frozen grapes.

8.Avocado toast. Nothing better then a slice of warm bread topped with avocado.

Honestly go to pinterest there are tons of healthy recipes so you don’t get bored!


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