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How not to eat when trying to live a healthy lifestyle

So today I let the daily activities get in the way of me eating properly. I have a ton of food in my house that is healthy but for some reason I decided to stress more and eat less. Seriously my eating today was horrible. I had a whole mushroom flatbread from an Italian deli and no not the personal ones the family size ones, I had two ww snack barres, some chocolate chips, some candy coated peanuts and an egg that’s what I ate all day. And my water intake was a joke as well.

I can’t change today but tomorrow morning I am going to have a decent breakfast.



Since I’m going to my weight watchers meeting I will be bringing myself a yogurt and some fruit to eat. I have some beautiful salad greens waiting to be eaten so I will have that for lunch and add some pecans for crunch and some ham for protein. Supper I’m not sure yet but I do know I have some leftover rice I need to use up and a ton of veggies so maybe a stir fry.

I have to tell you that when I realized how crappy I ate I didn’t want to workout. I wanted to just say screw it I’ll workout tomorrow but you know what I got off my butt and got the workout done. Not because it’s going to fix all of my bad eating for the day but because the workout couldn’t make my day any worse in fact it could make it a lot better. It could get my blood pumping and stop my mind from going into the negative self talk. Tomorrow will be better because I turned the end of today around ūüôā

Don’t eat it

I’ve been doing this weight loss journey thing for quite a while. On my weight loss journey I’ve been guitly of eating foods that I don’t like simply because they are healthy and will help me lose weight or because it’s the current fad. ¬†I’ve also heard friends say ok lets eat or drink this cause it has all these nutritional benefits but I hate the taste.

Why? Why do we do that? There are so many food options out there we don’t need to choke down foods, shakes, drinks that we truly don’t enjoy. And I have realized that when we eat the foods because we think they will help us go along our weight loss journey faster it backfires. If you aren’t enjoying your food then stop eating it and go find something you do like.

Now I’m not saying live off of fast food, chocolate and other junk food. You still need to eat real foods as in fruits, veggies, lean meats and all the other good stuff. ¬†But if you truly hate a certain food don’t eat it. It will be a waste of calories because you won’t be satisfied with what you’ve eaten and are most likely to reach for junk food.

What foods have you choked down for health benefits? I tried for years to eat grapefruits. ¬†I don’t like quinoa gasp! But I ate both repeatedly hoping to lose weight faster. Oh if the younger me new what the older wiser me knows now lol

The pressure to be perfect

So this blog is going to be about life and not just weight loss. I want to start talking about more then just my weight loss journey because I feel like you aren’t getting a full picture of who I am.

There’s time when it seems that I am going to explode. There is pressure from all aspects of life. ¬†Sometimes I feel like ¬†we as a society put too much pressure on each other and ourselves. The pressure to be thin, the pressure to have a house that’s a certain size, the pressure to have a clean house, the pressure to have a maid that cleans your house, how many times the maid comes over. The pressure to be a two income family, the pressure to make a certain amount of money, the pressure to have your child put into the public school system, ¬†I homeschool my kids. ¬†The pressure to do a certain type of home schooling. The pressure to only buy organic food, be paleo, ¬†no be low carb…..the pressure to have to cars instead of one. Anyways you get the point we seem to put a lot of pressure on ourselves and others.

But why? When did we start putting so much pressure on ourselves? ¬†I have to say there are certain pressures that I no longer put on myself. I don’t wear make up unless I want to. But I don’t do it for the benefit of other I do it for myself. I don’t care what brands of clothing are popular I care about if the clothing I am wearing make me feel amazing.


The things I am still struggling with is my weight. I also do happen to care if my house is considered clean of dirty and will spend hours cleaning before a playdate even if the house is clean. I also struggle with things having to do with the kids…do they have the right clothing, toys and academics to be accepted among their peers or are they being pushed aside by our way of life. And because I am homeschooling am I setting them up for success?

There’s are answers to questions that it will take years to answer but here’s what I know so far. I am unhappy with my body but grateful for everyday that it carries me. The house won’t always be magazine perfect when guests come over but the kids and the guests will be entertained and welcomed into our loving home. The children don’t care what toys they have as long as you are willing to give them the time and attention they need. They also don’t care if the purple leopard print leggings and the neon yellow shirt don’t match because they got dressed all by themselves and can now go play. As for the homeschooling my son is loving it, he is advancing in all of the subjects at school and he excited for his sister to start home schooling in September with him. He gets to get his work done and I get to witness all the amazing things that would go on during a school day like the first time he recognizes a word etc.

This post might not make sense to some but the whole point I’m trying to get across is stop trying to be perfect. Just be the best you that you can be without adding a ton of pressure to yourself. Stop stressing about the dishes and go play legos with your kids they will remember it for days. The dishes can wait five minutes. And also no matter where you are in life find a few minutes every day and love yourself.

Dear Body

Dear Body,

We have been thru a lot together. I have spent a lot of time hating you. Wishing that you would just let me be the best that I can be. I’ve also realized lately that that’s not fair to you to think that way. You have been there with me every step of my life. When I ran around barefoot and stepped on nails you healed. When I had my gallbladder removed you healed. You helped me grow three amazing children inside of you. You dear body are a miracle. No matter what I throw at you, you keep pushing thru and helping me lead a full life. Not once have you given up on me and decided that you won’t heal me when I am hurt or sick. So guess what body I’m not giving up on you either. I might not like you some days I might even hate you some days. But the harsh words I tell you are just to keep me going and pushing you to become the best that we can be. ¬†So I hope we have a deal body you don’t give up and neither will I.

Here are my promises to you.

I will make sure to workout 3-5 days a week.

I will fuel you with the best food that I can buy, very limited amount of processed foods.

I will give you rest.

And lastly I will try to love you throughout all of this journey.

Sick of games

So last week I wrote a post about being down .2 lbs and being disappointed and I thought I had worked thru the emotion of being disappointed . Well clearly I was not because this week I stepped on the scale and I was up 2.5 lbs. I let the child in me throw a fit this week and get the best of me. Here’s the thing I’m tired of my inner child deciding if I’m going to have a good week or a bad week. A weight loss or a gain. I’m tired of yoyo dieting and I’m tired of being tired. ¬†Thankfully this week is grocery week so I am going to stock up on some delicious meat, fruits and vegetables.

I get so frustrated when people say that weight loss is an easy and simple journey. It isn’t between the mind games, the physical pain you sometimes deal with from pushing your body to further limits. There is nothing simple about losing weight. It’s hard but it can be done. I will get to my goal weight and as much sweat and tears that I have already shed on this journey I am sure that there is going to be a lot more. I will keep fighting this fight and I will never give up. I also know that even if I get to my goal weight I will be still have to keep watching what I eat and working out regularly or I will very quickly get to square one.

Sorry this wasn’t one of my most upbeat blogs but I would rather be true to all my readers then fake my journey.

Don’t get discouraged

Last week like the week before I worked really hard at tracking my food and working out. Well today was weigh in Wednesday and I was only down .2 of a lb. I was incredibly disappointed but I have to not get discouraged. If I get discouraged then I will go back to gaining weigh and I can’t do that.

Thankfully yesterday I cooked a whole turkey so I had plenty on cooked protein on hand which stopped me heading to the drive thru and filling my face with greasy burgers and fries. I didn’t have the healthiest food I had cheese and turkey quesadilla and for supper we had turkey fried rice but it could have been way way worse. Tomorrow is going to be a tater tot casserole!

I’ve been walking and working out a lot lately and my knee is really starting to flair up again. I’m not sure if I’m going to make an appointment with the arthritis clinic or if I’m going to just look for a good knee brace.

I’m off to ice my knee. Hope your having a great night!

It takes time

I’ve been debating blogging this since Wednesday and since it’s still nagging at me I suppose it’s time to write about it. I had my weekly weight in on Wednesday and the scale showed I was down 1.9 lbs. Normally I would be thrilled with this number, however this time I was disappointed. I thought that I had worked out a lot and was expecting a 3-4 lbs weight loss. I went to the gym and did at home workouts and I ate really well. I was within my points and I should have had a better weight loss. Then I stopped and realized it’s going to take some time to lose the weight that I have put on over ¬†many many years. That I shouldn’t ¬†be disappointed but thrilled that the the scale is moving in the right direction. That no matter how slowly the weight is coming off it is coming off! I am making progress, I am getting stronger every day and I will have my ups and down.

Tonight was a mom’s night out and I have to say I ate way too much lol. We went for sushi and it was amazing. I had a vegetarian box with chicken udon soup and cheesecake for dessert. I’m not going to beat myself up over it I’m just going to make sure I eat well for the rest of the week. I will track my food intake for the day and whatever the points it is it is. I don’t want to feel guilty every time I step on the scale or eat something that isn’t the healthiest choice. I want to enjoy my treat meals and since I don’t go out every night and eat like this I am ok with it ūüôā


It’s been 3 years

So it’s been three years since we made the big move from Ontario to Vancouver. And you know what? There are still things I miss from back east. I miss the changing of the leaves in the fall, I miss Winterlude and the beavertails. Sometimes I just miss familiar things. I sometimes think I will go to a certain place with the kids then I realize that we no longer love in Ontario. I think there will always be things I miss from back east but if I moved back ¬†east I would miss things in the west. I can’t bring Winterlude to BC but I have found a healthier alternative to a beaver tail.

I was walking around Walmart when I noticed that Philadelphia cream cheese has come out with a cinnamon brown sugar cream cheese. I put in in my cart and started thinking of what I would use for the pastry part of a beaver tail. Well I decided to use some tortilla’s and you know what it’s not a beaver tail but it was certainly delicious. Even the kids loved it and for 7 points it work for me but enough about food. Let’s talk about my workouts.

This week I’ve really kicked my workouts up a notch. I’ve been working out consistently and the energy I have is great. I’m proud to say that I have accumulated 26 workout points this week and I am going to try and get as many as I can get in before Wednesday. Well I’m off to sleep hope your achieving all your health and weight loss goals!

I’m on track

So it’s been a little bit since my last post but I’m here to update you all. In my last post I talked about picking a plan and sticking to it. Well I am proud to say that I have been on plan with counting my WW points for five days and I am going strong. I can’t weight myself to see if I have made any progress but that’s probably a good thing for me. You see the number on the scale tends to set my mood and if I can’t weight myself (the scale battery died and I keep forgetting to buy one) then I just have to keep eating healthy and exercising. I think not constantly getting on the scale has also made me focus on what’s important.

I will have my weekly weight in on Wednesday/Thursday mornings at my Weight Watchers meeting.

I’ve noticed another trend since getting back on track with my eating. everything seems to be falling into place. We are on a good cleaning schedule with the house, we are on track with the homeschooling and we are a lot less stressed. Life is just very calm and peaceful this past week. I’m going to attempt to get onto a workout routine this week. I always find it easier to first get on track with my eating then add workouts in. I have been keeping active going for walks this week but I now want to add in weight lifting.

I also want to share a link to a chocolate pudding and chocolate ice cream I have started eating as my treats.

Here’s the salted caramel chocolate pudding link:¬†

Here’s the recipe for the chocolate ice cream. Sadly I can’t find the webpage I got it from so please let me know if you know where it came from.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

  • 2 Frozen Bananas
  • 1 – 1 1/2 Tbsp Cocoa
  • 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
  • Almond milk


Cut banana into small chunks and put in a food processor or blender.  Add peanut butter and cocoa.  Add a little almond milk. Blend and add almond milk to you get a thick consistency.