Monthly Archives: June 2015


So the eating regiment I’m on is quite calorie restrictive at the moment and that means no workouts.

This always make me laugh


Ok now back to the point of my post. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you know I have done all kinds of workouts. I have had a personal trainer, done the Jillian Michaels dvd’s, Zumba and much much more. I have to say at first I was glad that I only had to focus on eating. But now I am missing my workouts. The suggest for us to take walks etc during this phase of the program but I miss lifting weights. I don’t think it’s just about the workout but lifting weights makes me feel empowered and strong. Thankfully in 4 short weeks I will be able to lift weights again as the calories won’t be as restrictive.


The struggle is real

Life has been busy as you can tell by the lack of blog posts lately. The thing is sometimes it’s hard to put into words all the ups and downs of a weight loss journey. Sometimes I can blog with no issue and other times I am trying to keep my thoughts and internal dialogue in order and trying to figure out how I feel. I remember having to fill out my food journal and they ask you how you are feeling when your eating and I found myself putting multiple ? as a response. I think we are so fast paced and thinking of the next 20 things on our to do list that we don’t live in the moment. I’m working on enjoying the moment and not skipping ahead too far but it will take time. So you can see why the struggle for weight loss or even just daily life is real.


I have been doing well on the most part on my weight loss program but I have had some slip ups recently. Especially this week with the heat getting to me. I do not do well with heat lol. I have fallen into some old habits of just hitting the drive thru because it’s better then cooking in a hot kitchen. But after two days of less then stellar eating and stomach aches I am recommitting  to my weight loss journey.


My brother is getting married in less then a month and I am going to be in his wedding party. I am looking forward to looking amazing in my bridesmaid dress. We have decided to drive to Ontario from BC to attend the wedding instead of flying. I am looking forward to this adventure with the three kids and my husband. I’m hoping to snap a ton of pictures and post them on my blog and on my facebook page.

Weekends and evenings

Hey, it’s been a while but I am still going strong. But like everyone else I have my  struggles. Weekends and evenings are my time that I struggle. During the day I can be in complete control of everything but come 7 pm I could eat everything including the kitchen sink.

Thankfully I have some great support and I have met a bunch off great people since joining this medical weight loss program. Between the Dr, dieticians and other participants of the program it’s been amazing.

There’s still days when I feel like giving up but I am working at the emotional aspect of this weight loss journey. Somethings are easy to deal with while other weight heavily on my mind but it’s just another hurdle not a reason to quit 🙂