Monthly Archives: April 2014

Get it together

I had a great weight in last night and I was down two lbs. But I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything because I haven’t been working out(not my choice Dr orders) and I haven’t been tracking my food. So as of tomorrow I will write down everything I eat so that if I keep losing weight I will know what I did right and if I am gaining weight then I can see what I need to improve. I also want to get more involved in reading the blogs I found so inspirational last year.

I am so happy that the nice weather is here it means a lot more time outdoors.

Ok so it’s confession time last week my hubby was out of town and I drove the kids to school everyday even thou its just a five(10 with the kids) minute walk. This week we are kinda low on fuel for the car so we have been walking to and from school and it’s made me feels a little better since I can’t workout. I think we all take things or granted. We tell ourselves we can take a walk later on but later rarely ever comes. I’m hoping I can keep up the momentum to walk to and from school till the end of june. I have to say I will have to ignore the part of me that says to just take the car it’s easier than walking three kids.

Making breakfast delicious

This morning I wanted a fast but tasty breakfast. I also wanted pizza lol. So i out the two ideas together I made myself a breakfast pizza. Now I didn’t measure anything out but I can give you the basics for today. I took a tortilla and put a thin layer of salsa followed by a thin layer of cheese. I topped it off with scrambled eggs, bacon and a little bit of sour cream. Now I know most people roll this into a burrito style sandwich but I preferred it flat I found I could taste the flavours a lot better than mushing everything together.

I guess while I’m here I should let you know what’s been going on. I haven’t worked out in two weeks. The last time I had a training session my BP was extremely low so I decided to go get it check out at the Dr’s. I’ve also been extremely tired and have had a lack of appetite. I found out that I had pneumonia and I am treating it but they are also looking at other issues and diagnoses. Till then there is no gym for this mama. Well besides running around taking care of three little ones lol.

I was pleasantly surprised with everything going on that I managed to lose two lbs. I was amazed actually considering I have been working out like mad and gaining weight.

Thats it for me. Hope everyone is doing well on their weight loss journey 🙂