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Father’s Day Lunch!

Happy Fathers Day!!!! I wanted to make a special meal today but I’m still not feeling 100% from surgery. I wanted something special that didn’t take too much time to prepare since standing up still pulls on the stitches. So I came up with this! Not so much of a recipe as it was using up some items I had on hand. I called it a chicken parmesan garlic bread. I started by taking some leftover roast chicken and mixing it with some leftover pasta sauce. I then opened up a garlic bread and put the chicken mixture on the bottom half. On the top half I added some mozzarella cheese since it’s what I had on hand. Cooked at 350 for 15 minutes then broiled till the cheese was melted and browned. It was delicious and got some leftovers out of the fridge so that was a bonus. Sometimes the meals we come up with on the fly are the best meals we make and keep coming back to. This just might be one of those meals.

What did you do for Fathers Day? What was your special meal?