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Lately there has been tons of talk about candy and sweets. I get it its Halloween and there is candy every where but is candy really that big a deal? Here’s my take on candy. If you really love candy,chocolates etc if you have a small piece here and there Halloween candy won’t be a huge issue. I am a strong believer in everything in moderation. I have tried to cut sugar out of my life and it has led me to binge on certain foods once my self control wore off.  When I first joined WW I use to have a WW barre with breakfast first thing in the morning so that I could beat the craving before it hit and it has helped me stay on track. I no longer need to eat my chocolate first thing in the morning but had I not come up with that solution I might have fallen off the weight loss wagon.

To those who can live without the chocolate and treats then I tip my hat to you and I wish I could shake the habit and in time I am sure that I will just one baby step at a time. To those of you like me that still have a treat once a week, once a month or once a day don’t give up just keep everything in moderation. And if you do happen to binge be aware of why you are you bingeing so that you can fix it for next time.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

Pumpkin Patch Fun

This morning I had the pleasure of going to the pumpkin patch with my two youngest children. It was a blast to be outside walking in the cool crisp air was a great way to spend the morning.  Sadly my Fitbit was charging so I don’t know how many steps I took but sometimes its just about living in the moment.

Our pumpkin patch outing started at the petting zoo. Want to get a bunch of kids excited show them a petting zoo with a huge pen with bunnies in it. My daughter wanted to take all of them home lol. After the petting zoo they got to play in an open area that had a bunch of wooden toys. But the part where we had the most fun was the enchanted forest. We got to see dragons, fairies, dinosaurs, the little mermaid, the three little pigs, snow white and the seven dwarf and many many more characters. Before we knew it it was time to get back on the bus and head back to preschool and two hours had magically disappeared.

I could have probably burned more calories at the gym running on the treadmill and lifting weights but I will take a leisurely walk with the kids any day. Besides before I know it they will be all grown up.  And I will do some wii fit later today or some other workout game/dvd.

Hope your enjoying your day as much as I am enjoying  mine.


Feeling optimistic

For the last two weeks I seem to have been in a rut. I felt like everything was out of my control. I was eating crappy food, I wasn’t exercising consistently and I was just generally feeling like crap. Well not anymore. I started working out with my wii fit and my wii Zumba and everything seems to be falling back into place. Today I did groceries and to the exception of bear paws for the kids and chocolate chips for baking everything else was healthy.

Another thing I am proud of is that usually on grocery day we eat out at either lunch or supper. We eat out at lunch if our shopping is going to long and we didn’t plan to bring snacks. And we usually eat supper out cause we are too tired from doing the shopping to cook. Today neither one of those things happened. We ate our lunch a little bit late but we survived and I cooked a delicious meal for supper. Now I’m no saint I did have a piece of sea salt skor bark at the mall when I met up with a friend but I didn’t give into the many many other cravings. Like the caramel corn and everything in the food court. I had a treat and that was it not a huge pig out. That to me is a huge accomplishment to me.

Tomorrow the kids have their swimming lessons, so naturally we will take advantage of swimming for an hour in an indoor pool. I really love being able to swim for an hour with the kids. It’s a great way to exercise without even feeling like your doing work.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Having fun with my weight loss

I’ve been struggling with scheduling in my workouts so last night I broke out the wii fit.  And it was amazing. I worked up a sweat and I even got a zumba workout in too. I think I’ve been focusing too much on working out outside the home and since I couldn’t workout a schedule, well I gave up on my workouts. Last night while laughing away I had an aha moment. I realized that I am extremely lucky to have a bunch of fitness games and workout dvd’s and that I love my gym but when I don’t have time to get there I can still work up a sweat at home.

Tomorrow I will be having another at home workout since I don’t have time to go to the gym. I though once the kids would be in school that I would have all this magical free time. Boy was I wrong isn’t it weird how you always say when the kids are in school I will have more time, when summer comes I will have more time to do this or that. It’s funny how we make all kinds of excuses for why we don’t do something but when you commit there is nothing that can get in your way except yourself.

How do you stay on track when your schedule gets busy?

I will get back on track!!

As I posted on my facebook page I haven’t tracked my food since thanksgiving. I’m a little disappointed in myself so I started tracking everything I ate after I posted that message on facebook. I realized that I am not the only one that has decided to quit tracking and I thought I would start a challenge starting monday. If you don’t track your food for the day then before you go to bed you need to do a 30 sec plank, 15 squats and 10 jumping jacks…Feel free to add more or less exercises as you see fit!

Who’s with me?

Games aren’t just for kids

I go to two weight loss groups. The first is a non profit group called TOPS. You can check them out here. And the second is Weight Watchers. I love both groups for different reasons but they do have something in common they have contests and games.

We are always wanting ways to stay on track so why not join some weight loss groups that host challenges. I know that there is DietBet that exist and a lot of people participate in but if your just looking to join some contest for free there are lots of groups online that the only thing you get out of the challenge is being a better healthier version of you. You don’t need to spend tons of money on challenges and contest. You can even find something online and have a friendly competition with your friends.

I always look forward to my challenges and I’m thinking of posting some here. Let me know if you would be interested and what kind of challenges you want to participate in. If its food challenges or workout challenges or a mix of both I’m up for it 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Today I made a traditional turkey meal and the kids loved it. My youngest I’ve discovered loves stuffing just like his mommy and daddy. I am glad to report there is tons of leftover turkey. Some people hate having leftover turkey, but I am super excited cause it means I have some cooked protein that I can make into a few different meals. So on the meal plan for this week is turkey fajitas, hot turkey sandwiches and some turkey wraps.

On a completely unrelated note. I have become completely obsessed with the show Pretty Little Liars. Just when I think I figured out who A is it turns out to be someone else. And since I am watching it on Netflix and they only have till season 4 I will have to wait till season 5 is released. But thankfully I have some Vampire Diaries to keep me  entertained for now 🙂


Support Networks

When your on this weight loss journey it can get quite hard and quite lonely. So you need a lot of support.  You need to have a variety of different types of people. You will need people to tell you everything will be ok when you have a weight gain. You will need someone to tell you to get off your ass and get to the gym. You need someone to tell you that you will reach your goals even if your having a bad week. But you don’t need someone being all judgy about what you are eating since that can create a while other issue.  Sometimes you get all these traits in one person and sometimes you have a team of people.

I’ve found support in a bunch of different ways.  For one I started this blog. It helps me clear all my thought since losing weight is a pretty emotional journey. I also started a facebook page which also introduced me to a whole bunch of people that are also a weight loss journey and have great tips. And then there’s my family and friends that support me.

You know that saying it takes a village to raise a baby well you could say the same about someone who is trying to lose weight.

How do you get support for your weight loss?

Three special words

With the kids going back to school and then getting sick I have been having some scheduling issues. I haven’t worked out at all this week or last week. I was starting to get extremely stressed out about not going to the gym. Last night while I was mentally trying to figure out how I was going to spend the maximum amount of time with my family and find a workout schedule that worked for everyone my daughter asked me to cuddle her. My first thought was I have 20 thousand things to do so lets just go cuddle her for a minute then get back to figuring everything out. But once I got into bed with her and she cuddled up to me she looked at me and said the three words any mother would love to hear. She said I love you mama and then fell asleep in my arms. Right then and there the stress of trying to get everything done everyday melted away and my heart filled with gratitude that I have three kids that love me for me no matter what. These are the moments that you can’t get back, the ones that mean the most to the kids. They won’t remember that mommy made you eat broccoli or that she was going to workout to get healthy. They will remember that mommy played a game with me. Mommy put her phone/laptop down just to play a game with me. Mommy brought me to the park and played tag. I am a strong believer in showing my kids to be healthy by example but sometimes, being healthy is running around at the park and not lifting weights in the gym.  So instead of trying to schedule workouts from now on. I will be trying to move as much as possible in a day. Now if that’s running at the park great, if thats’s doing a Zumba dvd with the kids great, if it’s going to the gym and lifting weights then that is also great. I guess what I’m saying is don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you miss the precious moments. Take things one day at a time.

Oh and by the way I haven’t worked out and I lost 1.9 lbs this week at my weight in.

I’m off to watch a movie with the little ones and cuddle them.



I can’t eat that

If there is one phrase I hate to hear it’s I can’t eat that. Now if it’s an allergy or you don’t like a certain food then fine say I can’t eat that. But when people decide to cut out some of their favorite foods because they are trying to lose weight it always backfires on them. I remember when I was on LA weight loss and I was following the program to a T. I wouldn’t eat anything that was not on the list. I did amazing while I followed the program that way but I ended up gaining all the weight back. Why? Because I like ice cream and cookies and chocolate barres. And the LA Weight loss barres are no substitute for the real thing. So I did great for a few months then I ended up going on a junk food rampage. Anything that had been off limits was now limitless. I had given up. I didn’t enjoy the food I was eating and I had made up my mind I would never get healthy. This time around I am doing things different. I still allow my favorite snacks and treats into my life. I just do things a little differently. For example if I want cookies I make them from scratch and make a healthier version that makes me feel like I’m eating the real thing. I limit my portions. I don’t have foods that I can’t eat I have foods that I chose not to eat. When we tell ourselves that we can’t eat a certain food item then our inner child tends to throw a little tantrums and make sure that we fail. But when we chose at then exact moment not to eat a certain food our inner five year old tends to not react. I’m also a big believer that if you eliminate a bunch of foods that you love you will fail. Getting healthy isn’t about depriving ourselves of foods we enjoy but making conscious decisions about what we put in our body. Sometime I even consciously eat a piece of billy miner pie from the Keg(seriously who else loves that dessert). But then you know what I do the next day I don’t eat another piece of pie I workout and go back to eating a healthier. I have no off limits foods. I only have foods that I know I will have to work hard to burn off.