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I’m back

My parents have gone home 🙁 and I’ve had time to deal with temper tantrums from the kids and trying to get back on routine.

Yesterday was my first workout since my parents left and I was feeling down in the dumps and just plain miserable. I even contemplated cancelling my session at the last minute but decided to go after all. I’m so glad I went to my training session. I got to get everything moving and get my dose of happy endorphins. I’m still feeling a bit off and not my usual self but I will get back to normal soon.

I’ve also realized that I only have 14 workout sessions left. Which is kinda bitter sweet. I’m sad that my training is over but glad that I can go workout whenever I want and not have to worry about scheduling an appointment.

I haven’t been tracking lately but I have been eating at home and when my trainer weighed me yesterday I was down 3 lbs. I will do my official weight in tomorrow and let you know if that’s right. For tonight I’m off to sleep.

What I’ve been up to this week

So I have my parents in town this week and I have been busy. They came in on tuesday morning and we have been busy ever since.  And I am happy to report it’s been activities that burn calories that have ben keeping me busy.  On Tuesday  we wanted to stay around the house since the kids were excited to see their grandparents and my parents were tired from their travels. We went to the local wading pool and soaked up the sun while playing tag and showing the kids how to swim. On wednesday we went to the states to get some groceries and walked a lot. On thursday we went to Steveston B.C. which is where they film the show once upon a time and they were actually filming and had some roads shut down while we were there. We enjoyed a picnic, played at the splash pad/park and walked on the boardwalk it was amazing. But the best day of the week so far was yesterday Friday we went to Lynn Canyon park and walked on the suspension bridge and walking trails. The views are breathtaking.  Nature at it’s best is when you are walking and see these beautiful waterfalls. We walked the shortest trail since we had the three kids with us. My three year old was so terrified on the bridge he was up in my arms and kept saying don’t let me fall mommy don’t let me fall but he loved every minute of it. Once we finished walking the trail which was about 5 Km. After we walked and took a short break to drink and have a snack we piled back into the van and drove to Stanley Park and played at the park with the kids while my parents walked by the water. So all of this is why I have broken my promise to blog daily. Oh and I forgot today’s adventures. Since it was a cold and rainy day we went to a friends house to swim in the pool at her apartment complex. The kids loved swimming and splashing around we spent nearly 2 hours in the pool. Then we brought the kids home and hubby and I went on a date. More on that tomorrow.

In other news I was down at this weeks weight in and I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow as well.

Time to reset

I sometimes wish humans came with a reset button. For when you get into a weight loss journey and your super excited and things are going well. If things start getting out of control eating wise you can do a reset and go back to having a crazy amount of control over your food choices.

I was reading a magazine today I can’t remember which one but there was a phrase that caught my attention. When deciding to lose weight you have two choices 1. to start and 2. to keep going with the weight loss process. I love this phrase cause it gives you all the power in the weight loss journey. You decided what’s going into your body so you have a choice to eat healthy or you can chose not to eat healthy and deal with the consequences.

My training has been amazing lately but as you can probably tell by now my eating has been a little off. I need to really focus on getting good healthy food into my body and realizing that I’m not depriving myself of anything when I chose to eat one food over another. I think as someone who has used food for everything it’s a very hard pattern to break. If I was sad I had sweets, when I wanted to celebrate I had sweets, when I was depressed I had sweets you get the idea.

So for the next two weeks I am going to look all over the internet for recipes that are cheap, healthy and that I can get excited about without feeling deprived. I am also going to plan for certain events. For example when I go out I feel like I always need to eat out but if I plan on bringing healthy snacks then  I don’t have to eat out at all and there are usually snacks when I go to my friends anyway. I can even bring some healthy foods and recipes for them to try.

I have a goal this week. This week my goal is to blog the good the bad and the ugly every day. Some days I know my posts will be posted late in the night but as long as I post I’m ok with it. Hope wherever you are the weather is as nice as it is here.

Summer living

So as you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything since last wednesday and it’s not because I’m in hiding. It’s because life in the summer is a little crazy around here. With three little ones we have no shortage of playdates at all. And even if there’s not a play date we love to hang out at the park and have picnics. This week I’m getting three days away from my trainer since she is on holidays but I am not giving up my workouts. Instead I made a plan to go to my friends house and workout in her pool. I have to say it’s nice to change it up a little bit when it comes to working out. If the children let me get to sleep at a decent time tonight I might get up and hit the gym at 630-7 am. I might do the same thing on wednesday. I’ll be swimming on wednesday at my friends again but I love lifting weights at the gym.

Eating could be a  little better this week but I haven’t caved and gotten fast food this week so I am doing good. I have realized a pattern I have which is good. I’ve realized when I eat lots of breads and pasta I crave just food but when I am eating healthy I don’t miss the junk food at all.

Well that’s it for me have a great night everyone 🙂

I’m a loser

This week I planned to be on track and I did just that. I lost 1.9 lbs since the last week. I’m thrilled with this weight loss.

So want to know how I lost weight this week. I worked out with my trainer and I tracker my food that simple. Now since I lost weight it means that I have 1 point plus daily less as well. Just when you get use to something you need to adapt again lol

On tomorrows agenda there’s some shopping and swimming. I hope I can stay on track tomorrow so that I can lose weight at next weeks weigh in.

Well that’s it for tonight since I have a huge headache. Have a great night everyone.

Happy Canada Day!

First of all I want to wish all my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada day! It’s kind of warm here today in beautiful british columbia which mean two things. We had ice cream and the kids ran around in the sprinkler and kiddy pool in the backyard.

Today’s ice cream was a special treat we decided to take the family to the marble slab creamery. I loved every bite of my rocky road ice cream cone and then almost passed out when I looked up on my WW points how many points it had cost me. It cost me 22points plus. I only get 38 points plus a day so that ice cream totally blew my points for the day but I enjoyed my ice cream and will make sure to bust my butt at the gym tomorrow with my trainer.

Since I knew it was going to be hot today I cooked up some chicken last night for today’s meals. And I’m glad I did because I ended up making the best salad ever for lunch. I took an avocado and cut it up added it to about 2 cups of mixed greens, 3 ounces of chicken breast and a tbsp on white balsamic vinegar it was delicious. I just discovered avocado’s this year and I think I will be using them a lot this summer in my salads. It adds a creamy texture to my salad so I don’t need to add any dressings. This will help keep my points a little lower. For supper I decided I wanted steak and I already had some defrosted so I went ahead and cooked even thou it was like an oven in our kitchen. I used the maple spice blend on our steaks and it gave it a great flavor. I purchased these thick steaks at Costco and was a little intimidated to cook them. I didn’t want to end up with a dry piece of rubber instead of a steak. So this is how I cooked my perfect steak. I heated some canola oil in a frying pan till is was smoking. I then added my steaks that had been seasoned to the pan and seared all the sides. After that I put my steaks in the oven for about 15 minutes(I had 4 thick steaks that I want to be cooked medium) at 450. They didn’t come out dry or chewy at all they came out exactly the way I like them from the Keg. Looks like I’ll be saving some money and cooking my own steaks from now on 🙂 I served it with some sweet potatoes and my last two cheddar biscuits that I cooked up yesterday.

I’ve realized that when I cook my own food i enjoy it a lot more then when I run to a fast food place or even a restaurant. Hopefully I can keep on track with my cooking.

My meal plan still isn’t made but I will let you know as soon as possible what my meal plan is either before or after I do my groceries.

Hope everyone is staying safe on Canada day and see you all tomorrow 🙂