Monthly Archives: July 2022

Raspberry Muffins

I had another YouTube made me do it moment lol. It’s both a curse and a blessing to watch these YouTube channels. I have to say this one was quite a blessing, bakery style muffins made at home for a fraction of the price. Score! I’ll be trying these muffins again possibly with other berries as well. Here’s a link to the recipe that was shared on YouTube. Seriously look at these muffins and tell me you don’t want to make them right now.

Breakfast Wraps for Dinner

On days when it’s been hectic or I am just too tired I always tend to fall back on breakfast for dinner. It’s filling, comforting and delicious. So tonight I decided to make some scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage and wrap it in a tortilla and call it dinner. Everyone enjoyed it and I’m sure we will be making this meal again.

Pesto Turkey Pesto Orzo

I was recently watching a YouTuber and she made this recipe . I decided to try it out but made a few adjustments for our families preferences. I already had ground chicken defrosted so that was the first thing I changed, I didn’t put in the zucchini and I used frozen peas and carrots mixture instead of corn. It was an absolute delicious meal and I highly recommend you give the original or mine version a try.