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I haven’t been tracking :(

So since I have fallen out of the habit of tracking my food for the past two weeks the results have showed up on the scale. Why did I stop tracking? Who knows but as of right now I will be tracking everything that goes in my mouth. I can’t change what’s already done but I can choose to move forward and get back on track. I will have to accept that the scale will show a reflection of what I have been eating and the fact that I didn’t count my points as diligently as I should but once I saw this quote I knew I need to get right back on track right now.

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Chocolate chip cookies

I want to try and get ahead in baking some healthy snacks for when the kids go back to school. Well today I decided to make these chocolate chip cookies. And they are so good that we ate them all lol. I guess the moral of the story is bake, portion and freeze. I love these cookies cause I can have some and not feel guilty and the kids like that they are mini cookies. I’m going to be baking quite a few other recipes from the Weight Watchers site for my little ones. I figure if I’m trying to eat healthy then I should not be making multiple meals but teaching my children how to eat healthy too. I’m not super strict with their eating but I do want them to know what healthy eating is. Also I try and get them to help me bake the treats they are going to eat to show them how to cook. It’s never too early to learn about good nutrition or how to cook.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get some zucchini muffins cooked and some carrot pancakes. I love making big batches of pancakes for busy mornings so that I can just reheat them and serve them to the kids.

Well unfortunately I’m feeling a little under the weather so I will be heading to bed so that hopefully I am back to 100% tomorrow 🙂

Are you over exercising?

In a world where looks mean everything it can be hard not be hard on yourself but are you pushing your body to beyond their limits? I recently read an article that said doctors are now starting to believe that over exercising if an addiction that is just as bad as a substance addiction. In a society where we are bombarded with pictures of skinny women and constantly told that we are in the midst of an obesity epidemic a lot of people are turning to exercise. It doesn’t seem like an unhealthy habit but when men and woman are giving up their social lives and doing back to back workout classes it can be. In the article I read people are over exercising for two reasons 1 they want to indulge when they eat so they will not stop exercising till a set amount of calories are burned or 2 they don’t want to deal with their emotional issues(depression,anxiety, stress) so they live off of the high they get from the endorphins. So how much exercise is too much? Well you be the judge of that but if you are missing social events, training thru injuries and not listening to your body you may be overdoing it and might want to think about taking a step back. Another sign that you’ve become dependant of your workouts is that you get irritated and depressed when you miss your workouts. I’m not a doctor so these are just my thoughts but I think exercise is like food everything in moderation will keep you going longer then forcing yourself to go to your breaking point. Listen to your body when it’s telling you to slow down or take a break. Missing one workout won’t hurt you but if you get an injury from over working you might be out of the game for days, weeks or months.

Healthy doesn’t have to be boring

When people think of a being on a weight loss journey they think. Goodbye delicious food and hello boring and bland. Well I’m here to tell you that this simply isn’t the case. You just need to plan your meals and get adventurous in the kitchen. Last night I baked a bunch of chicken breast in the oven. I seasoned them with a spice blend but the fun didn’t stop there. I decided to add a fresh topping to my chicken. So while it was baking I finely chopped some tomatoes, onions and roughly chopped some avocado. It was amazing to have all the tastes and textures in my meal. If you get adventurous with herbs and spices you don’t add extra calories but you do get a satisfying flavor boost. My go to spice blend lately is this one but feel free to use fresh or other spice blends that your family enjoys.  For those worried about sodium MRS Dash offers lots of salt free blends that will boost your flavor.

Also it’s great to buy your produce at the grocery store but whenever possible go to a local farmers market. I don’t know if it’s just me but the fruits and veggies from the market have so much more flavor in them. The berries are sweater, the plumbs and peaches are juicier. Heck even the peppers and carrots are sweeter.  so this will also help boost your healthy and nutritious meals with out adding too many calories. I know this winter I will be sad to see the farmers markets go since all summer long we have been using them and eating a crazy amount of fruits and veggies.

Reading Labels and Picky Eaters

When I first started losing weight I use to look at labels for one thing only. How many calories are in this product? As I continued on with my weight loss journey I realized that just because a particular item let you eat large quantities with a minimal amount of calories did not mean it was healthy. You need to look at the whole picture when looking at a food label. How much fat is in this product? How many carbs? How much sugar and sodium? How much fiber? How many fillers and preservatives ? In a perfect world we would only eat foods that didn’t have labels but in the real world we do eat foods with labels just don’t get pulled into the trap that a low calorie food is necessarily healthy. Something that is higher in calories might keep you fuller longer depending on the amount of fiber and protein in it…

On another topic do any of you have picky eaters?  I am trying to get my oldest son to eat more vegetables but he doesn’t seem to like any veggies. And the whole make sure you get a dip he likes to eat with them just doesn’t work for this guy he will literally lick whatever sauce off and not eat the veggie. We have started gently forcing him to taste whatever veggie we are eating but it just doesn’t seem to be working. I do have to say the take two bites and I will leave you alone has been our most successful way to getting him to eat new foods.  I’ve also tricked him into eating veggie by making pumpkin pancakes and carrot pancakes. I think my next attempt will be to add spinach to his daily strawberry smoothie.  Have any of you tried adding spinach to your smoothies? Does it change the taste and texture?  And also what other tricks do you have to get picky eaters to eat veggies?



How Weight Watchers works

I wanted to do a general over view of how WW works for all of you that are interested in becoming members.  A few things I want to mention.  You can now go in and buy the Weight Watchers books, bars etc at the weight watchers stores without being a member. I think this is awesome cause let’s face it not everyone can afford to pay for the membership. Also there are free calculators online to give you your daily points plus allowance like this one which is on target with the number they gave me at my meeting.

So when you first join weight watchers for the first two weeks they will encourage you to eat from the simple start booklet you receive or you can get the app as well. It gives you meal ideas and pretty much the only rules is to mix and match from a set list of recipes or ingredients and eat on a 10 inch plate or a 12 oz bowl and drink from a 12 oz cup. They have delicious recipes and it reminds me a lot of the old core plan. You do have a 49 weekly points allowance for threats and foods that aren’t on the list. I did not do well at all on simple start because I have a total loss of control when it comes to food. I need to measure everything out and count points of its just too much freedom for me for the time being.

After the initial two weeks you can choose to continue eating as if you are on the simple start or you can switch to the points plus. I decided to go with the points plus cause like I said it was just too much freedom to eat from the simple start. You can download the full weight watchers app to your phone so that you have everything at your fingertips. You can track your food, activity and weight on the app. Oh and if your out and decide to start eating an item and you want to know the points plus value there’s a calculator in the app to so there’s never and excuse not to track. You will get your daily allowance of points plus your 49 weekly cheat points. As you lose weight your daily points will go down but you get to keep your 49 cheat points.  You can also earn activity points and add those points to your food or you can not eat them and watch the weight come off 🙂

Now I hear a lot of people say I only have x amount of points that seems so low. To that I say you can make this work and here’s why fruits and veggies are 0 points( to the exception of avocado and corn). Also I was pleasantly surprised that most meats are 1 point per oz so if you eat 6 ounces of chicken breast that is baked in the oven with some steamed veggies and a salad. You would only count the chicken and anything you added to the veggies in the salad (croutons, bacon bits, fried onions, dressing..) so you can keep your meals at a decent portion without using a crazy amount of points. Also look at the Weight watchers website they have tons and tons of healthy low point recipes that are delicious and nutritious.

Which brings me to another thing people always say. I don’t want to announce that I’m on weight watchers. So don’t your going to a potluck bring a WW recipe that you baked if it tastes delicious no one needs to know its a weight watchers recipe or that it’s healthy. Also you can always count of fruits and veggies being at a party/BBQ/Potluck so fill up on those first so you can’t overindulge in the not so good for you items.

I hope this answers some questions you had and if you have anymore feel free to ask in the comments and I will try and explain as best as I can. I also encourage everyone interested in going to a free meeting and asking the leaders any questions.

Why I love Weight Watchers

I have to say I am enjoying being on weight watchers and I don’t see myself going off the program, I don’t see it as a diet this is the way I am learning to eat for the rest of my life. Here’s why I can eat anything and whatever I’m craving your sure to find a recipe on the ww website that is a healthier version of whatever you wanted to eat.  Also I can eat whatever I want so people don’t have to know that I am on Weight Watchers I can just pick healthy items from whatever menu is in front of me.  Tomorrow I’ll try and go into a little more detail of how the program works now.

It’s almost that time of year where everything pumpkin starts appearing on menus. And I have to say I am a huge fan of pumpkin anything. My go to all time favorite pumpkin item is the Pumpkin Spice Frappaccino from Starbucks but at 10 points per serving ( that’s for a grande which is what I would normally get) it was time to go find some other pumpkin flavoured items that would satisfy my cravings without ruining my points plus for the day. And I was pleasantly surprised to find at least two recipes that I have tried so far and numerous more on the weight watchers website. So this is the first recipe I tried.  It’s a pumpkin cranberry bar that satisfies your cravings and is great as a treat. I also find you don’t want to over indulge when you eat these. If you cut them up into portions they freeze beautifully and you have a grab and go snack for those busy days. Another bonus the kids love them too.

The second recipe I tried was the pumpkin spice pancakes. OH MY GOD!! These taste like your eating the pie filling without having to scrape it away from the crust. What am I the only one that doesn’t like to eat the crust of my pumpkin pie lol. You don’t need to add maple syrup or whip cream to these delicious pancakes. It might seem like your not getting enough powdered sugar when your reading the recipe but trust me don’t add any extra sugar, you don’t want to cover up the delicious taste of the pancake.

Hope you try these pumpkin recipes out and I’ll be sure to add more recipes that I find along my weight loss journey 🙂


Taking the plunge

So for a while now I’ve been blogging and I have finally decided to share my blog with my family and friends. This is an exciting and scary adventure all rolled into one. I hope that I help and encourage all of you be healthy and happy at whatever weight you want to be. This is my journey of my ups and downs and I really hope to not step on anyones toes with this blog. It really is just a way for me to keep going on this weight loss journey. I even welcome some of you to sent me some guest posts….


To open up the dialogue a little anyone want to tell me what they have tried to lose weight? What has worked and what hasn’t for you in the past and present?

Dusting myself off

After having a nice and relaxing weekend I came home with a huge weight gain. I was incredibly upset with myself since I worked so hard to get the pounds off and now I have to lose them again! But I’ve decided to put it behind me. I also realized that a lot of the weight I gained will come off pretty quickly since I am probably retaining water. Tomorrow I’ll get back to the gym and feel better tomorrow. I’m glad I went away for the weekend but man am I pooped. Last night I fell asleep at 7 pm and woke up at 7 am and still feel tired.  Might be another early night tonight.

What am I going to do this week for my weight loss?

I’m going to cook all my meals at home and try one class at the gym.

I’m off to check out the classes online now so I can plan my time 🙂

How many times a day do you weight in?

I use to have this nasty nasty habit of stepping on the scale 3,4,5 times a day. It got to the point where after I did anything I stepped back on the scale. I don’t weigh nearly as much as I use to but when I do I still let the number control me. If I am having a day or week that I am losing weight on the scale it’s nothing for me to keep up the good eating and the workouts but heaven forbid that scale goes up. It can send me into a crazy downward spiral  or self hatred and self harm. Now when I say self harm I don’t mean physically I mean emotionally, I mean I harm myself by eating the foods that I know will not help the situation for some temporary relief of the pain I feel from the gain. Now that I know this cycle I can usually stop it before it begins. I have come along way this year and I am getting better every day.

If I had one message for people starting out on a weight loss journey it would be to put away the scale for a while and focus on changing your habits not the number on the scale.

Here’s a little weight loss humour for all of you