Settling in and Ramblings

Well we have been in our home for a couple months now and I finally feel like we are settled in. Our furniture is all here and set up. Our boxes are unpacked, our pantry is replenished and things are just generally falling into place.

Now this blog is going to be a mix of ramblings since I feel like I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing here so please bear with me.

We are gearing up for another year of homeschooling and plan on starting the official school year Monday. I have to say I am really really excited to get going this year with our homeschooling plans. One of the things I’m most excited about is I’m going to get the kids in the kitchen with me. We are going to have a hopefully weekly Master chef type box that also includes a bit of information about where the dish we are preparing comes from.

As well as starting homeschooling I want to start a concrete workout routine again. Yes we have moved and I am constantly moving but I miss a good sweat session so will be incorporating that into my day.

Another one of my goals is to get involved in something in the community. I’m going to try a local Zumba class and I’ve also signed up for a cooking class.

See I wasn’t kidding about the rambling lol. I guess that’s it for today. I’ll check back in soon.

Working out

Working out doesn’t have to be a punishment. In fact I find working out helps a lot with stress and just keeping yourself together. I love the fact that we’ve moved to a small town. I’m walking distance to the ocean, two parks and well everything else. There’s something peaceful about taking a walk by the water in the same way that it’s peaceful to walk in the forest. I love just exploring nature and taking all the natural beauty in.

I’ve done some other fun workouts this week as well. I did some Zumba with the kids, dancing and just playing as well as a fitness video.

As I mentioned yesterday that I’m excited to get all my kitchen stuff I am also looking forward to having all my workout gear as well.

So remember if you don’t like your workout change it up. Find something that you love and that’s good for you.

Kitchen Frustrations

Moving across Canada I knew there would be an adjustment period. What I didn’t think was how frustrated I would get when I went into the kitchen. You see in order to eat healthy and make delicious treats I keep a pretty well stocked kitchen. While by most peoples standards my kitchen is currently well stocked, I don’t find it to be the case. You have no idea how many times I’ve went to try and cook something only to remember I don’t have the right ingredients. While I could go out and spend a crazy amount of money replenishing everything my stuff which is currently in transit and will be here by the end of the month. So I just have to remember to have a bit more patience and breath. I also have to keep things simple till my things get here.

We made it to our new home

I seriously thought I would have more time to update my blog while on the road. Lol what was I thinking? I was travelling across Canada with three kids when did I think this magical time was going to appear.

Anyways the good news is we have made it. We drove from coast to coast and everyone survived. I’m not sure what my weight is at the moment because my scale is packed away in our pod which isn’t here yet. So for now I am going to continue to workout and eat right and face the scale once it gets here.

I knew that moving was going to be hard. In fact we made a big move similar to this about 8 years ago. But I never imagined I would miss all of my meal prepping gadgets and kitchen tools as much as I do. It’s like the whole routine is just slightly off with not being able to do a proper meal prep. I mean as far as ingredients I could go out and buy everything again but once our stuff showed up I would have way to much to use. Hopefully our pod will get here soon and I can really start settling in.

I also don’t have all my workout equipment with me yet but I have still been moving. I’ve been taking walks around the neighbourhood and we now have cable so checking out the on demand workouts I can do without equipment.

Well that’s all the updating I have for now. Talk to you soon.

Moving Coast to Coast

So on Saturday we started our journey to our new home. I swear I thought I had all the time in the world to prepare for our move and then before I knew it bam moving day!

I had plans of cooking while on the road and to be honest it just hasn’t happened. By the time we arrive at our hotels we are exhausted from travelling. Does this mean we are hitting up every fast food restaurant nope. It means we are stopping and buying groceries everyday. Tonight we wanted a warm meal but again I was too tired to cook so we had frozen dinners. I got a chicken fajitas bowl. While the stats aren’t what I would typically eat it was healthy, cheap and filling. It’s not the best I could have done but it is better then what I could have eaten.

So let’s actually chat about what’s been actually going on while on this crazy coast to coast move. Today is day 5 of travelling. Day 1 was a breeze and we only drove 1.5 hours but we had also spent the previous two days packing and cleaning the whole house before the move.

Day 2 was intense, we drove for a total of 12 hours with pee breaks and eating breaks etc by the time we got to our hotel we all dropped and fell asleep rather quickly. We drove from Hope BC all the way to Calgary Alberta. We did see a lot of wildlife. A moose, some deer, some prairie dogs etc.

Day 3 we traveled a short distance so the kids could have more time to just unwind and not be trapped in the car. We went from Calgary Alberta to Medicine Hat Alberta. Medicine Hat is an interesting place. While there’s not much going on we did get to see the worlds largest teepee which was impressive.

Day 4 brought us to Regina Saskatchewan. We had stayed in Regina before and we knew we wanted to go back to the same hotel. Why? Because there’s an indoor water park for the kids. We are travelling a lot of kilometres so we need to keep the kids in mind and let them get some of their energy out. We want this to be something they enjoy and not something we are rushing thru.

And finally today was day 5 of travelling. We left Regina and travelled to North Dakota. There isn’t much to say. We saw fields, lots and lots of fields. Flat fields in Saskatchewan and fields with hills in Montana. But still fields lol. We were glad to get to the hotel relax in the pool and hot tub before I came down to the laundry room to catch up on laundry and catch all of you up on our adventures. Hope your all having a wonderful night and your accomplishing your dreams whatever they may be.

Trying to Eat Healthy While Moving

As with all big life changes moving can bring on stress a lot of stress. And with stress comes terrible food choices. Although I am trying to minimize the unhealthy food choices I am human. We are trying to empty what we have on hand instead of wasting cash on food. That means getting creative and not meal planning the way I have gotten use to .

This week I have been craving some comfort food amidst the chaos. So I altered some of the comfort foods. For example my BLT became a salad instead of a sandwich.

And my lasagna became meat sauce topped with cheese. I forgot to take a picture of my plate but here it is simmering away on the stove.

Snacks have been extremely simplified as well because well simple is best when dealing with everything else. Cheese strings, lunch meat, frozen fruits, apple sauce and veggies are where it’s at these days.

I’ll try my best to keep updating you on what we are eating. Hopefully it will help whoever needs some motivation.

I’m Making a Comeback

So it’s been a minute since the last time I wrote and there’s a lot of things that have been happening. Let’s start with the good stuff shall we.

The whole family is about to start a whole new journey. We are relocating from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. This is good news because it means we will be closer to family and the place we are moving to is a small town so we will be able to slow down and enjoy life a lot more.

The second exciting this is not only are we relocating but we are driving across Canada and making it a whole adventure for the kids and let’s face it us as well. We will be going to the States for part of our journey because we have been watching Little House On the Prairie so we just have to go see Walnut Grove and The Laura Ingalls Museum.

Now some not so great news. I’ve been having some stomach pain since about September. I just finished up a bunch of tests and it turns out the culprit for all this pain is severe acid reflux. Not sure what my next steps are I have to wait and speak to my surgeon.

Well I guess that’s all the updating I have for today. But here’s a picture of the pod being packed 🙂


We just got home from an amazing vacation a few days ago. It was amazing we drove from BC, Canada to Anaheim, USA. We stopped along the way to see quite a few things like Alcatraz, The Painted Ladies, the Golden Gate bridge, Great Wolf Lodge and Disneyland.

Although we loved every minute of our vacation, it was great to be home again and be able to eat healthy and nutritious foods. While we did eat healthy when we could there was times when it was about treating ourselves to a pineapple whip.

I am proud to report that even thou we did indulge we I only gained 1 lb that was mostly from the salt in the food we were eating.

When we got home I set to making some healthy food. A vegetable tray, overnight oats, protein balls and protein pudding was just a few items I got prepped as soon as we got home.

How do you stay on track while on holidays?

Trying New Things

Last night I tried something new. I went to a yoga studio. I had tried hot yoga previously at the gym and had sworn it off but after going to a yoga studio I’m not so sure anymore. I loved every minute of it even when I thought my legs were going to give out. I think this class was interesting to me because it was 20 minutes of strength training, 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of relation/ stretching.

I left class sweaty, hungry but really calm and energized at the same time. Looks like I may have to revisit some workouts and activities I had previously sworn off.

A nice glow to my skin after hot yoga

No More Coffee

Eight days ago I had my last cup of coffee. I had never been a coffee drinker prior to bariatric surgery but somehow got sucked in to the hype. I’m pretty sure my love for coffee was discovered when I had H Pylori and couldn’t keep any food down but coffee went down smooth for some reason.

Why am I did I quit coffee one might ask? Well for several reasons actually. I was using coffee as a meal replacement for one but also I have been having some stomach issues that aren’t being helped by coffee.

But the main reason is pretty simple. As bariatric patients we aren’t suppose to be drinking coffee. As delicious as coffee is it can wreak some having on our little tummies. It can increase stomach acids, irritate the lining of our stomachs and actually prohibit the absorption of the vitamins and minerals we need as bariatric patients.

Was it easy giving up coffee? Ummm heck no. You don’t realize how dependant you get on coffee. How you go into auto pilot and start the coffee machine before doing anything else in the morning. I have to say day 1 was a walk in the park. Day 2 and 3 a slight but manageable headache kicked in. Day 4-5 I seemed to be ok but extremely tired. And days 6-7 were the worse, I was craving coffee so bad and become a little bit of a cranky monster.

So here’s to hoping I can stay off coffee now and find a better alternative.