Some days…..

Some days are harder then others after having weight loss surgery or even just when on a weight loss journey. This morning I woke up with what I like to call fat brain.

I woke up thinking oh your so puffy today and bloated. You look huge. As these thoughts were going thru my head I was getting dressed for the day. Once I was done getting dressed I had to stop and take a minute to realize what I had just done. You see as I was telling myself that I looked fat I was slipping on my size small yoga pants and my size medium hoody. After I realized I had put these clothing on I had to laugh at myself and give myself a little talk. Rachelle seriously if you think your fat in a size small pair of pants what on earth do you consider to be thin? I stood in front of my full length mirror and actually took the time to look at myself. I was having a good hair day and my shirt looked baggy and I all of a sudden realized that my head was a little disconnected from the reality of what my body actually looks like now.

Some days my fat brain tries to pull me back into bad habits. You already look terrible today go ahead and eat that cookie or wow your a mess today have that extra cream in your coffee. If I didn’t take the time to stop, think and check my thoughts I would without a doubt regain all the weight that I have worked hard to lose.

Why am I telling you all this? Because we don’t often talk about the dialogue we have with ourselves in our heads. How harshly we are judging ourselves. How hard it can be to listen to your thoughts and then realize the disconnect with mind and body. So I am mostly telling you all this so you know your not alone and we can get rid of our fat brain talk if we just slow down and take a minute to really look at ourselves.

Holiday Cooking Part 3

So I have to be honest I thought I would have a lot more time to cook and show off all the amazing holiday recipes I have tried and tested. Sadly I tend to forget to take pictures and I just don’t have time to cook everything again. So instead what I’m going to do is give you tons and I mean tons of links to holiday foods. I usually make a recipe as it’s written at least once and then tweak it to my families liking after that. Have some fun with these recipes and make them your own ūüôā

Starters and Sides

Garlic Roasted Carrots

Simple Nine-Layer Dip

High Protein Edamame Hummus

Meats ( I’m only putting the turkey here but my previous post I did do lamb)

Roasted Turkey – Breast Down


I hope you are able to create a delicious Christmas spread with all these ideas. Let me know what you will be cooking this holiday season.




Tonight was a special night out with the family. And the kids really wanted to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory. Now I love their food as much as the next but having had weight loss surgery it’s not the best choice for me.

I went into this night out with a plan. I brought my plastic containers to be able to put my salad in and some of my main dish as well. I do this for two reasons to avoid being asked 20 thousand times if the food was ok and so I don’t have to explain to some stranger that I’ve had weight loss surgery. I’m usually pretty open on the topic but sometimes I just want to go out to dinner without going into a whole explanation. I had pre planned what I was going to order and then when I got there I was intrigued by a dish that wasn’t on their menu online but was now calling my name at the restaurant.

I chose to order a salad which went straight into my container as soon as the waitress left. And for my main I order Chicken Alfredo served with bacon, mushrooms and mascarpone stuffed ravioli. Keep in ming that I am almost two years post op and would never have imagined ordering this dish before being this far out. What did I learn from ordering this delicious pasta dish? Pasta to a weight loss surgery patient is like a Chinese food meal to everyone else. You always think you can eat more then you actually can and after a few bites your so full it hurts. Then 30 minutes later your ravenous again. I don’t regret the food choices I made tonight because it has taught me something I already knew. Stick to protein and avoid pasta. That one meal I ate over the course of several hours in four different sitting. I am currently typing this feeling stuffed and satisfied but will probably wait quite a while before having pasta again. There are so many alternatives i have found to pasta now that I don’t ever feel like I am missing you. Here’s a few ideas for pasta substitutes: quinoa, zucchini noodles, sweet potatoes or sweet potato noodles, shiritake noodles ( I have to admit the texture of these just isn’t for me), Chicken Alfredo can be served of broccoli or cauliflower. You can make egg wraps and use those as your pasta sheets in lasagna honestly the list goes on and on.

What are some of your favourite pasta substitutes? Is there any foods that you use to love that when you try to eat you no longer enjoy?

Holiday Cooking part 2 What Turkey?

If your like me and think of the holidays as time to spend with family and not in the kitchen then do I have the recipe for you today. Traditionally we cook turkey for Christmas but it can be time consuming to make a turkey. First you brine it, then you dry it and let the chill come off of it, then we season it and then finally you put it in the oven but not all but most baste their turkeys. Turkey is delicious and I am one of those people that tends to buy a turkey and then just cook it on a random Sunday because a craving has hit, but today we are going to talk about a rack of lamb. That’s right I am breaking tradition and giving you an alternative to turkey. Now there’s a few reason I love cooking lamb instead of turkey. 1. If you have a small family you won’t have leftovers for months. 2. You barely spend any time in the kitchen! 3. Depending on how fast you are in the kitchen you can have all your sides ready to come out at the same time as the lamb. You can roast some veggies with the lamb, or boil your potatoes for your mash, make your gravy etc. In only thirty minutes you will have a delicious meal and you will be able to socialize the night away and spend it with the family laughing and making memories.

Here’s a picture of my rack of lamb:

This delicious moist, tender rack of lamb took me about 5 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to cook. Here’s how I like to make my ham.

Preheat oven to 450. While oven is preheating take a baking sheet.

Place lamb rack fat side up  on a baking sheet.

In a small bowl mix together 2 tbsp dijon mustard, a dash of salt and your favourite seasoning ( I used about 1/2 tsp of Mrs Dash garlic and herb season). Spread mustard mixture over lamb making sure to coat.

Cook lamb for 10 minutes then reduce the heat to 350 and bake for another 20 minutes.

Once Lamb is cooked to your desired doness take out of the oven and lightly cover with foil for ten minutes.

After 10 minutes cut lamb between bones and serve with your choice of side.

Holiday Leftovers

Now I know your probably thinking what? Did I miss a post? No no you did not but since I cooked a ham the other day which is on many tables at Christmas and had leftovers I decided why wait lets show them some delicious meals they can have with leftovers as well as do the holiday cooking posts.

So here’s the recipe

Egg wraps ( this is just an egg cooked really thin into a crepe or wrap, you can   add seasonings if you wish I usually add a bit of Italian seasoning)

1 pepper diced ( I used yellow)

1 small to medium onion diced

Diced leftover ham ( I had about a cup finely diced but you can put more or less)

Pasta sauce

Cheese of choice

In a bowl mix pepper, onion and ham. Take one egg wrap and put in about 3 tbsp of ham mixture. Add 1/2 tbsp pasta sauce and sprinkle of shredded cheese. Roll up and top with 1-2 tbsp pasta sauce and another sprinkle of cheese. Repeat to make as many as you need.  Put in microwave for 30-40 seconds or until cheese is melted and filling is warm.

I usually make one ham roll at a time for myself so what I like to do is actually saute the ham mixture before putting it in the wrap but that step in optional. I would only saute the 3 tbsp I was going to use.

The best part about this recipe is you can have it for breakfast, lunch of supper!

Hope you enjoy this recipe and look at how delicious this looks before its cooked and after.


Holiday Cooking part 1

As I mentioned in my last post I want to arm you with some recipes that are healthy and tasty this holiday season. I know I really should start with the main course or the veggies but I’m going to break the rules and go straight to dessert.

A few months after my weight loss surgery I rediscovered protein balls. These delicious little balls packed with flavour and meeting my nutritional requirements while allowing me to feel like I was have a treat. So today I am going to share with you a recipe for Cherry Cheesecake protein balls. I made these ones cherry but you can you a mixture of dried fruit of mango if you prefer.

This recipe will make 8 servings of 2 protein balls per guest. I didn’t fancy these ones up as I really like the flavour of them as they are.

Here’s what you need

1 cup quick oats

1/4 cup dried cherries ( I used unsweetened)

3 tbsp ground flaxseed

1.5 scoops of vanilla  protein powder ( I used GNC Iso burst French Vanilla)

3 tbsp light cream cheese

1 tbsp all natural almond butter

3 tbsp of milk

In a food processor add oats, cherries, protein powder and flax seed. Process by pulsing until it’s crumbly. In a small bowl combine the cream cheese and the almond butter once combined add to the food processor along with the milk and pulse till it starts to come together in clumps. Using a 1 tbsp measuring spoon, scoop out the mixture into your hand and roll. Refrigerate or freeze and pull out when needed to entertain or just a quick snack while shopping for the holidays.

Here’s a little secret with these delicious Cherry Cheesecake balls you can eat them year round! you can have them for breakfast, snack or a dessert that doesn’t require ustencils.

Just in case you were curious here’s the nutritional information for two protein balls(1 serving) I used MFP to calculate the nutrition.

Calories 134

Carbs 14 g

Sugar 11g

Fiber 1 g

Protein 8 g

I hope you enjoy this recipe and I look forward to sharing some more tasty ideas with all of you.

My Thoughts on Everything In Moderation

Since having my gastric sleeve almost two years ago(it will be two years in January) I have joined many Facebook support groups. Although these support groups can sometimes be very helpful in not making you feel lonely there is tons of misinformation you have to sift thru. I know that we don’t all get a great program like the one that I had the privilege of being a part of and all our dieticians etc give us different guidelines. However with the holidays coming up I am finding these groups are giving us almost permission to slip up on our eating habits. I have scrolled past many post and not left comments but I feel like I have this platform that I want to use here to voice my concerns which I hope don’t come across as judgemental to some of you. And this is my point of view based on my life and I can’t say it will be true in your life. Anyways here we go….

With the holidays approaching us I have seen tons of Facebook posts ¬†about can I eat this or can I eat that ¬†and there is always a few people that say this surgery isn’t about deprivation it’s about everything in moderation. These comments really get to me. Why? Because 1. You shouldn’t be feeling deprived and if you are maybe it’s time to evaluate your relationship with food, I have found tons of bariatric friendly recipes that are delicious treats and desserts and that meet our nutritional requirements. 2. If everything in moderation really worked for us would we really have needed the surgery in the first place? ¬†Wouldn’t the countless diets we have put ourselves thru have worked? ¬†The fact is for some reason certain foods do trigger us. The sooner we accept that the sooner we can enjoy having food freedom.

With all of these people feeling deprived I kind of want to start a blog series on the Holidays. I don’t want to do the typical posts about how to avoid food pushers and eat before you go to the party etc type blogs but blogs with recipes to help all of us see that we are not missing out on anything by not going back to bad food habits. I know that high fat pumpkin pie is your favourite and it’s only once a year but what if you could eat a pumpkin pie that didn’t make you dump or feel terrible after you ate it? And let’s be honest it starts with one holiday and then there’s birthdays and a night out and a friend is getting married and before we know it we are back in the same traps we were before surgery.

So here’s the thing I can scroll past the posts but let’s help each other in a constructive way instead of enabling ourselves to self destruct.



November Already!

Ok seriously time had got to¬†slow down! I’ve been keeping pretty busy with meal prep, homeschooling and traveling to visit my parents. Oh and then we had halloween of course.

I have to say every season, month and day I realize just how far I have come in terms of my health. ¬†This year is the second year I dress up for halloween as an adult. Last year I wore my Unicorn pj’s but this year I bought an actual costume. My daughter and I both dressed up as Snow White. I was able to walk over two hours without being exhausted, my feet and knees didn’t hurt. And I didn’t feel the need to binge on candy for the first time in my life! That’s how you know I am being successful in making my tool work for me! Here’s some pictures of my trip to Ottawa and Halloween!

This is the cheese at St Albert Cheese factory.

One of the many Sculptures at Mosaic.

A couple of pictures from Pumpkin Inferno. It’s amazing what they can do with Pumpkins!


I just realized….

Today we decided to hit up a local thrift store. It’s slowly becoming my new shopping wonderland. But that’s not the point of this post.

I just realized something amazing today. I can shop anywhere. I don’t have to worry if they carry plus sizes, I don’t have to worry that my size will be picked over. Because I can shop anywhere.

Another thing I realized this year is that Halloween is going to be fun. You see when your bigger your costume choices are limited at best but I walked into the thrift store and realized I can try on 90% of these costumes and they will fit! I can be whatever I want to be this year while trick or treating with the kids I don’t have to be limited to the few costumes that will fit me. The kids and I got a little excited in the thrift store and decided we needed to think our costume choices over before deciding what we will be. So in a few weeks I look forward to showing you all what I’ve chosen.

Oh by the way I didn’t leave the store without anything. I ended up finding an amazing jacket which is a good thing cause my old one doesn’t fit anymore. ¬†I was also very very excited to find a pair of rain pants so I can take the kids to the park during our raining months and join in on the fun this year instead of staying indoors.

Some days I am amazed at how much I didn’t realize what I was missing at my heaviest weight. I mean I knew I was missing out on things but I no longer take anything for granted from being able to hike and play in the rain with the kids to finding clothing I like instead of what fits. I am now living my life to the full!

Let the Fun Begin!

Why is it that after a long weekend the first day back to reality is crazy packed! Tomorrow we are officially back to homeschooling. I have some appointments and we have an annual not back to school picnic we might be attending and or a playdate. Oh and did I mention yet that we are having a heat wave? But don’t worry I’m not letting that derail my healthy eating plans. Instead I took about 20 minutes today and got myself organized. For breakfast we will be eating some savoury breakfast cookies. For lunch I boiled some ham,cut and packed some cheese, packed the kids some crackers and myself some sliced peppers. I also knew that since we will basically be gone all day tomorrow I won’t want to make supper so I’ve defrosted some leftover meatballs that I will serve with some veggies. It took me 20 minutes to get all organized that’s it. Snacks are going to be some yogurts and fruit, hummus and veggies. I even packed some extra tuna packs and crackers in case the kids or I am extra hungry. I say it took me 20 minutes but it probably didn’t even take me that long. The thing that took the longest to do was cooking the ham and I did the dishes while boiling it so I was pulling double duty ūüôā

As far as working out I think I will be doing enough running around that I won’t even need to worry about it. If I get a workout in then I will take it if not no big deal.