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Why I can’t go on Pinterest daily

I’ve learned rather the hard way that I cannot be trusted around Pinterest. I will head over to this magical site looking homeschooling or craft ideas and end up losing hours of time on this site. The worse part I usually don’t even get around to finding whatever I originally went there for because I see a yummy recipe that leads to another and another and another you get the point. It’s like going to walmart for toothpaste and coming out with a full cart of stuff you didn’t know you needed or wanted only to get home and realize you forgot the darn tooth paste.

Another thing that happens when I’m on Pinterest is I think I have all the time in the world to make these delicious recipes and that my picky children have somehow become the most opened minded eaters in the world lol.  They are getting better but some things they won’t even try.

I also realized that I have all these boards with pins of recipes most of which I will probably never try and only make me hungry. So for now Pinterest and I are taking a break from each other. But I am sure it won’t be long before I go crawling back.

New to me recipes

As a trained chef trying to lose weight I am always looking for new recipes that as fast and healthy that my three little ones will enjoy.  Yesterday I got to try two recipes. The first one was a banana chia seed pudding(I will post the links at the end). Sadly I am the only one that liked this pudding but I will be trying it again. I think it’s a texture my kids aren’t use to but it was amazing to me. And the second recipe was a pumpkin chilli.  My youngest son liked this recipe but the older two weren’t huge fans. My husband and I loved it. We even have some in the freeze for a fast and healthy meal one night. I like this particular recipe cause it’s meatless but doesn’t have a ton of beans in it. I don’t mind eating beans but the little ones can be quite picky. So without further ado here are the recipes.

Banana Pudding

While you are checking out this recipe on the website be sure you browse around there’s a ton of yummy recipes.

Pumpkin Chili

This recipe I actually found in my magazine but I was able to find the link to the online version. Again there are tons of yummy recipes on this site as well.

Sorry for the silence

Life has been a little crazy around here lately. I’ve had dentist appointments and doctors appointments.  I’ve been running and having playdates for the kids. I’ve been baking…. I could go on and on but I will stop there.

I’ve tried writing this blog as well as a few others many times and I either end up getting side tracked or I hate the way the blog is going and trash it. Well not today I am going to try and get all my thoughts in order and write them out for all of you.

At the beginning of the year I told all of you that I was excited to start a running program. I then blogged about how much I loved running and was going to make it part of my fitness routine.  I was excited that I would eventually run a 10K and it made me feel on top of the world. All of those dreams got taken away by one doctors visit earlier this week.

I have been having knee pain for quite some time and decided to get it checked out last week. My doctor thought it was just a simple case of bursitis and to keep running and strengthen my muscles but to ice my knee and take some advil. As I left her office she caught up to me and told me to do an xray just in case but she thought it was nothing to be concerned about. Fast forward to this Wednesday and I think my doctor was in just as much shock as I was. The xray revealed that I have Osteoarthritis and that for the time being my running days are over. That I will eventually need a knee replacement and that I need to take some weight off now. I have to say I went into the self pity mode after hearing that. What did I do to deserve this?I decided to get fit and start running and this is how my body is repaying me!  How could I have prevented it?  What do I do about it now?

I have come out of my pity party and realized that I do have a lot of other activities I can do to lose weight and that I still enjoy.  The arthritis is something I will have to deal with and manage for the rest of my life and yes I will eventually need a knee replacement. But I can go swimming and get relief. I can go to the gym and lift weights. I am still walking.  Sometimes you get thrown a curve ball in life. But what matters is what you do with it!


I can run

Today I started on a brand new journey for me. I started a 10 K running program and I am very excited to report it was amazing! I walk/ran for 40 minutes and didn’t fall of collapse. I found that running 30 seconds and walking for 4.30 minutes was a little too slow for me so we will be jumping a little ahead of schedule in our running routine.  I am having trouble putting into words just how excited I am. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that I might actually become a runner. For years I have said when I lose the weight I will run, when I lose the weight I will do this or that. I  am far from losing all the weight that I have to lose but I am running. I’m actually excited for Wednesdays run.

As well as being proud that I ran today I am proud that I walked more then 10000 steps. And that I have  eaten within my calories for over a week.

Here’s to hoping all my hard work pays off on the scale tomorrow!

Dear Tastebuds

Dear Tastebuds,

What is going on with you lately? Foods I would never want to eat all of a sudden taste delicious.  We have been enjoying sushi and tea lately I wonder what other kind of foods we will be venturing out to try. I look forward to trying new foods with you without judging the food before it’s in my mouth.

Guys I am telling you my eating habits are completely changing. No I am not a hardcore sushi fan now but I have found at least 3 that I can eat and like. All of this started out with a quick stop at the food court on a busy night and my husband got himself some sushi. My almost four year old would not stop asking for sushi even thou he has never had any. Finally we gave him a piece and it was the funniest thing of all. His mouth was so full he couldn’t fit anymore in even if he wanted to but he kept saying more more please more. Then yesterday all day he kept asking for sushi as well so we went and got him some after he ate all his supper and was still asking for sushi. I decided that I was going to give Sushi another change. The last time I ate Sushi I was incredibly sick but I think I took on too many different kinds at once and that’s what made me sick. I have now realized I like Avocado Rolls, Yam Rolls and California Rolls. I will stick to these for the time being and maybe eventually venture a little further from my comfort zone.  My next adventure will be Monday when I try drinking buttered coffee. Who knew that at 30 I might start drinking coffee 🙂

Today’s been a pretty adventurous day so far I went shopping for my bridesmaid dress and had lunch with a friend. But I still have to clean the house and get my workout in so I’ll talk to you later on 🙂

2015 Day8

So far 2015 has been amazing. I am on track with my food and exercise. I don’t feel like I am stressing out about everything I am just getting it done.  What do I mean when I say I’m not stressing about it well here are a few examples. I use to try and make a schedule for my workouts so I could head to the gym and have a great sweat session.  So far this year I have been to the gym once. I have decided that sometimes you need to go with the flow. If the kids want to Zumba but that’s not what I had planned at that time, then I say who cares! It makes the kids happy and it get my workout done for the day. It also shows them that it can be fun to be active.

Another thing I stopped stressing about was food.  There are 365 days in a year and you need to eat 3 meals everyday.  I have my basic meal plan that I use if I get bored I swap out a recipe not the whole meal plan. I am finding it easier to do this since I started buying a meat box from my local butcher. Everything we have tried from the butcher is amazing and he even provides at least one ready type meal per box. In the last box we had turkey meat loaf and steak and potato pie I kept those for days when I knew I would want to throw my food in the oven and get other things done. I also let go of the notion that every meal has to be fancy. Sometimes a nice piece of meat and frozen veggies is all you need. The only thing I want to change in the food department is making my own bread. I will get around to it but like I said I’m not stressing.

My lunch is cooked so I gotta run but talk to you tomorrow 🙂

No pain no gain

After my workout yesterday I felt amazing. I felt like I could accomplish anything if I could get thru the 30 day shred workout. Today I am feeling the pain from that amazing workout. The stairs seem to be my enemy and even though I only worked out with 5 lbs weights my arms are sore as well. I had every intention of doing the 30 day shred workout today but once the DVD started I just wasn’t all that into it today. So instead of just skipping my workout I decided to do some Zumba and try Your Shape for xbox 360.  Your shape was a little more challenging then I imagined it would be. I even had to stop at some point for fear of bringing my supper back up.

Today’s eating was ok by my standards. I did have some pogo’s(corn dogs) for lunch and I even had some chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas. I haven’t had one soda today and I plan to sticking to water for the rest of the week.

Last week I had a gain at my Weight Watchers meeting and I was disappointed. So I am making sure that I am doing everything I can this week to make sure that I am succeeding. I am eating within my calories and making sure to keep moving.

I think the hardest part of this whole weight loss journey is retraining yourself to think of food as fuel instead of a treat or a comfort. And that a fun activity or outing can be a hike, a walk or a spin class instead of a meal out. But with every day that I am changing my habits I’m hoping that it will become a little easier everyday.

Just keep moving

Well it’s day two of 2015 and it’s been another amazing day! I didn’t do so well with eating. I am actually way under my daily calorie goal. I need to eat a lot more tomorrow. Losing weight isn’t about starving yourself but about fueling your body with the right foods. The kitchen is fully stocked with healthy food so no reason no to eat well tomorrow.

My workout on the other hand was amazing. I did a 20  minutes workout that pushed my limits. But I realized that just cause I felt like I was going to die doesn’t mean I will lol. I chose to do the 30 day shred tonight and I am planning on doing the workout for the next 30 days. I love how just whenI was about to give up Jillian would say something that would make me want to push that much harder and not give up.

I have to say that today it was easier to make healthy food choices because I did get lots of sleep. There seems to be a real connection between getting enough sleep and weight loss for me. On days when I don’t get enough sleep I tend to want to eat greasy and sugar laden foods. But I eat and want healthier foods so I’m off to bed in a few minutes so I can have a great day tomorrow.

2015 Day 1

The first day of 2015 has been amazing! I think I have accomplished more today then I have in a while lol. I have been on a cleaning spree for almost 2 days but today it the day I feel that I got the most done. I went thru all the kids clothing with the help of my husband to sort what fits them and what doesn’t and what need to be donated and what needs to be trashed. I also organized my clothing which is a while process in it’s own. You see I have a dresser but it weighs a ton so when we moved into this house we decided that my dresser would stay in my office/guest bedroom. Well lets just say I’m looking for a dresser that is lighter and that I can bring to my room. Having half your clothing in one part of the house and half your clothing in another part of the house just isn’t realistic. It’s a pain in the butt. For now I will try and take my clothing out the night before and have everything put together but I will still be on the look for a dresser.

Another thing that I liked about today was that I wasn’t constantly thinking about food! I realized at the end of 2014 that I spend so much time worrying about what to eat and what not to eat that I would get overwhelmed with everything. Today was the first day that I got up had breakfast and then didn’t think about food till it was lunch time. I even played at the park with the kids and played Super Mario Bros with them. Life is too short to stress about food 24 hours a day. I will stock my kitchen with healthy foods and keep the crap out and then it cuts all the guess work out of supper. I will defrost some meat the night before and get creative from there. I have tons of herbs and spices on hand so I know I can make some delicious meals that are fast and healthy. I’ve decided that I will also cook something we use to eat out once a month.  Last night after talking with a friend who was having Chinese food the cravings hit me but I had already eaten supper and planned on indulging in some pumpkin pie. So instead I looked for some recipes and will be making them at some point this month. We will be having chicken balls and chicken pad thai.  I will have to update you on how the cooking went lol.

I’m off to read some blogs, facebook fitness pages and a magazine. Hope you have a wonderful first day in 2015!