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It’s Hot/ What we’ve been eating

The weather has been incredibly hot here lately. It’s not just the heat but the humidity that can really get to you. We didn’t let that stop us however from enjoying some delicious meals.

But finally today it rained and although it’s still hot we have a beautiful breeze coming into the house. If you remember in my last blog post I told you I was attempting the clear out your freezer challenge for the third time lol. Well I am happy to report that we are working on that even in this heat.

I did do one grocery trip since my last post that I mentioned I would. I bought milk (which I will continue to purchase during this challenge), yogurt, shrimp and a few other items but it wasn’t a huge grocery haul. Be on the lookout in mid to late August I will do a grocery haul that I will vlog for you all to see.

So want to know what I’ve been cooking this week? Here’s some pictures some are healthy and others were cravings but everything was homemade. If I have a sharable recipe you will be able to click on the name and it will bring you to the website I found the recipe.

Thai chicken lettuce wraps (you can find the recipe here)
Chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato, crispy onions and Mayo
Chicken Shawarma wrap
chicken sharwarma meat cooking on the BBQ
Steak Gyro

Ginger Beef

I hope to start filming my cooking in the next few weeks so stayed tuned for more delicious food images and videos in the near future.

Third Times a Charm

So I have attempted this challenge not once but twice before. I am hoping that I will actually complete the challenge this time around.

So what exactly is the challenge? I am going to attempt to clear out my chest freezer. I am wanting to empty my freezer so I can go and get some bulk boxes of meat from either Cotsco or the Wholesale club. Also it won’t hurt the budget to clear things out.

Disclosure time, I will be going to the grocery store this Friday to get a few items and I will need to replenish things like milk and yogurt thru out this challenge. If I had the fridge space I would sooo make my yogurt home made because it’s so cost effective and delicious.

Now the next thing I am trying to figure out is if I want to blog or vlog the meals I prepare for my family. While I love blogging I think I am ready to become a little more interactive with all of you. So let me know what you think.

So to recap I will be starting the clear out your freezer challenge Sunday July 19th. I’ll update you in the next few days what the plan is as far as the vlogging goes.

The Tale of Two Steaks

As I mentioned yesterday I am back to eating better. I had two steaks in the freezer and they were calling my name. I wanted something different besides just having a huge chunk of steak with roasted veggies, even though that’s delicious. I also wanted to stretch the meat out since the price of steak has now gotten even higher.

So how did I feed 5 people two meals and still have leftovers to avoid a night of cooking? The first meal I made was bbq steak, with a creamy mushroom sauce and spaghetti squash. I don’t have a recipe for this meal I just kind of made it up as I went but it was delicious and approved by the whole family.

The second meal I made was beef and broccoli that I got from this website

I did switch a few things up like I didn’t have any mushrooms so I didn’t add them and I put way more broccoli in because we needed to use it up. I also didn’t bother serving it with noodles or rice.

So these are the types of healthy meals I hope to be able to start regularly sharing with all of you. It doesn’t need to be hours in the kitchen to make healthy foods. You can stretch your steaks if you thinly slice them. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be without flavour. Healthy eating can be amazing! Yes my kids did eat both these meals and are excited we have leftovers.

How are you stretching your proteins? Have you noticed the prices of meat going up in your area?

Chat soon,


Life Updates

It’s been a hot minute since I last blogged. I had all the intentions of blogging our new home renovations and bringing all of you along for the adventure. Then the work began and things were going along until the pandemic hit.

After the pandemic hit while we still kept renovating things got a little more complicated. I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent on the phone trying to get a washer and dryer delivered to our house only to have to cancel the order with the one company and purchase from someone else. But it didn’t just affect the renovations, the pandemic just kind of took everything over.

What exactly I mean by that is nothing was a quick trip to the store anymore. Kids were no longer welcomed as they once were to shop with their parents, heck even my husband and I couldn’t shop together anymore. Grocery shopping became a nightmare.

Let me elaborate on the grocery shopping for a second. I don’t think I will ever forget the first time going shopping and having to wait in queue. And sending pictures to my husband of what the bare shelves looked like. While some areas where raving about how easy it was to eat healthy because people were going for the shelf stable stuff that wasn’t always the case. The limits on milk, meat, canned goods, frozen veggies and fruits being unavailable but also the frenzied and panicked state all the shoppers were in trying to stay away from each other and follow the arrows thru the store.

While I would love to say I stayed 100% on plan during all this chaos I would be completely lying. The mom in me bought things like rice, potatoes, flour for baking to make sure that if things got really rough the kids bellies would still be full. I took part in eating the foods that I shouldn’t have because baking was an escape from the chaos of the pandemic and renovating a house while still trying to also homeschool so the kids routine wasn’t impacted any further.

But this blog isn’t going to be all about negativity. While I did go up and down the same 5 pounds over and over again during these trying months, I feel like I’ve turned a new leaf and I am starting to get back to eating what I should and the house renovations are coming along great. The house is starting to fall into place. I hope to soon be able to vlog some meal prepping (my husband and I built my kitchen island last week with the help of some friends) and share with you how healthy eating can be delicious. Because even if this pandemic isn’t over the best thing I can do for my family is to get back on track to eating the foods I should be and staying healthy.

What have your challenges been? How are you doing?

Chat soon