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Sorry for the silence

Life has been a little crazy around here lately. I’ve had dentist appointments and doctors appointments.  I’ve been running and having playdates for the kids. I’ve been baking…. I could go on and on but I will stop there.

I’ve tried writing this blog as well as a few others many times and I either end up getting side tracked or I hate the way the blog is going and trash it. Well not today I am going to try and get all my thoughts in order and write them out for all of you.

At the beginning of the year I told all of you that I was excited to start a running program. I then blogged about how much I loved running and was going to make it part of my fitness routine.  I was excited that I would eventually run a 10K and it made me feel on top of the world. All of those dreams got taken away by one doctors visit earlier this week.

I have been having knee pain for quite some time and decided to get it checked out last week. My doctor thought it was just a simple case of bursitis and to keep running and strengthen my muscles but to ice my knee and take some advil. As I left her office she caught up to me and told me to do an xray just in case but she thought it was nothing to be concerned about. Fast forward to this Wednesday and I think my doctor was in just as much shock as I was. The xray revealed that I have Osteoarthritis and that for the time being my running days are over. That I will eventually need a knee replacement and that I need to take some weight off now. I have to say I went into the self pity mode after hearing that. What did I do to deserve this?I decided to get fit and start running and this is how my body is repaying me!  How could I have prevented it?  What do I do about it now?

I have come out of my pity party and realized that I do have a lot of other activities I can do to lose weight and that I still enjoy.  The arthritis is something I will have to deal with and manage for the rest of my life and yes I will eventually need a knee replacement. But I can go swimming and get relief. I can go to the gym and lift weights. I am still walking.  Sometimes you get thrown a curve ball in life. But what matters is what you do with it!