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I’m Making a Comeback

So it’s been a minute since the last time I wrote and there’s a lot of things that have been happening. Let’s start with the good stuff shall we.

The whole family is about to start a whole new journey. We are relocating from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. This is good news because it means we will be closer to family and the place we are moving to is a small town so we will be able to slow down and enjoy life a lot more.

The second exciting this is not only are we relocating but we are driving across Canada and making it a whole adventure for the kids and let’s face it us as well. We will be going to the States for part of our journey because we have been watching Little House On the Prairie so we just have to go see Walnut Grove and The Laura Ingalls Museum.

Now some not so great news. I’ve been having some stomach pain since about September. I just finished up a bunch of tests and it turns out the culprit for all this pain is severe acid reflux. Not sure what my next steps are I have to wait and speak to my surgeon.

Well I guess that’s all the updating I have for today. But here’s a picture of the pod being packed 🙂