Monthly Archives: November 2014

A lot has been going on

I haven’t posted in quite a while. But I am ready to write a post now. There have been quite a few changes going on. I took my son out of school and have started home schooling him. I have gained weight and then lost weight. I have lost hope of ever getting myself together only to realize if you stop stressing everything ends up coming together.

The school situation was cause so much stress and anxiety I didn’t realize I was actually eating a lot more while my son was at school because I was worried about him. There is a lot to this story but honestly I am emotionally drained from talking about it. So all you need to know is we are loving the distance learning/homeschooling. He is making some friends and is loving his teachers. He goes to school every Wednesday so this is how he is making friends and socializing with other homeschoolers. They also have amazing field trips etc.

This week I realized something amazing. You can whine and complain about not liking the schools, the cost of living, your weight pretty much anything and everything in your life. Or you can change it. I was pretty down in the dumps because even thou I have lost some weight I am still a loooong ways away from where I want to be.

I was put on the gastric by pass list about 6 months ago and finally got a call from the Dr office saying it will take 3 years before I even get a consult. My initial reaction was to bury my frustrations in a big mac meal and wash it down with a tub of ice cream. But instead of doing that I decided ok I have three years. I have three years to fight to lose the weight and to prove that I can do it. Will I get to goal maybe not but every pound that I take off I will be damn proud of.  I might still need the surgery in three years but lets fight for those three years and prove that I am not giving up just because there is such a long weight on surgery.

With weight loss as well as a lot of other things in life it is way to easy to find excuses as to why things aren’t going our way. Today is the day you just make the changes no matter how small and let your world transform itself.

To end this post I leave you with this quote I found online



Stress wreaks havoc on your body. It can make you do crazy things. For example the day after writing a post about the fact that your habits have changed and you don’t stress eat. YOU END UP STRESS EATING! I swear the day after that last post my eating went out the window and this week it showed up on the scale. It showed up so much this week that I am making a plan! Now if I counted right there are 33 weeks before my brothers wedding and I am going to make them count.  Tonight I am making my charts. My where my weight is to where I want to be chart. My workout chart. And any other chart I think will help me. Can you tell I like charts lol.

I may have fallen down but I am going to get back up and keep fighting. It’s back to tracking my food and exercise and kicking my own butt.

How I’ve changed

Lately I’ve been dealing with some things in my personal life. It’s be hard and stressful to deal with but today I realized something. I did not turn to food for comfort this time. I didn’t let the stress get to me like I have in the past. I’m not perfect in any way I did have some pop on a few of the days when I thought my head was going to explode but I didn’t go into a downward spiral of endless greasy meals and crappy food.  Sometimes we think that things will never change until we are stuck in a rut but we are slowly changing day by day.

This month I have decided to make an exercise goal. I want to work out for 900 minutes this month which comes out to 30 minutes a day. I’ve created an exercise ticker and will reach my goal. Some days I am sure I will workout more then 30 minutes and other days I think I won’t workout at all but it will balance itself out by the end of the month.

For all of you interested in making your our ticker this is a great site. You can make weight loss tickers, exercise tickers and a variety of others as well.

Hope you are having a great Monday! What are your goals for this month?