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Gym Memberships and Life

So I just realized on Friday that I am no longer locked into my contract with my current gym. Now I need to make the decision of what to do. I have loved my current gym for years but the prices keep climbing and the amount of classes offered keep dropping. I have to really think about my next step. Do I try another gym? Do I join the community centres which seem to offer some pretty amazing classes? Or do I look into programs like BeachBody? My only reservations with joining a program like BeachBody is will I actually do the workouts or will I keep paying for a service and not use it. I’m also trying to be realistic in the sense that since I homeschool my kids are always home and sometimes you just need a really good sweat session without a little one around. I’m also leaning towards the community centre since they have a variety of classes that I have been wanting to try like belly dancing and bootcamps! I think my husband came up with the perfect solution for the time being. Keep my membership for a few more weeks and try the classes I’m interested in at the drop in rate. So I think I’m going to do that.

Now on to what I’ve been up to lately. Life is always crazy but lately it was even more crazy then usual. I recently  spent 5 days in hospital with some stomach issues from surgery and thankfully they have been resolved and I am back home. I’m on a two week course of antibiotics and then I will be as good as new.

Homeschooling has started again and we are getting back into the grove of things. I have to say I already miss summer where the kids and I just spent our days hiking, camping and picking which park to go to. But their learning is also important so we will keep doing our school work 🙂  On top of school work we also have their activities which have started. I love watching them in their dance classes and in a couple weeks swimming is starting and horseback riding. We might also do a learn to skate program after Christmas.

I guess that’s it for now. What have you been up to? Any new and fun workouts I should look into?

Beet and Black Bean dip

I wish I could take credit for this delicious dip but I can’t. Here’s the recipe and a link to the original page. I got the recipe from my dietician. Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.

Recipe from Melissa


cup or ½ can Black Beans (19 l oz / 540 mL), drained and rinsed

1 cup or 1 large cooked Red Beets, peeled and diced

1-2 large cloves Garlic, minced (…or 1 or 2 more if you love garlic)

½- tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

½- tbsp Soy Sauce

1-2 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Cumin Powder 

Couple shakes of cayenne pepper, or crushed red pepper (if you like it spicy)

1/2 tsp Black Pepper, freshly ground 

¼-1/2 cup Parsley, chopped



Place all ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth, stopping to scrape down the side of the processor during the process.  Serve room temperature, or chilled.

Nutrition Facts (per serving 2 tbsp (30 g), makes total 17servings)

26 kcal, 1.0 g pro, 3.5 g carb, 1.0 g fiber, 1.0 g sugar, 1.0 g fat, 87 mg


Last Camping of Summer

This blog post is a little late since I ended up in the hospital after I wrote it but I still think it’s worth sharing 🙂

It’s a Tuesday night and I am sitting by the campfire. This is the last camping trip of the season. My two little ones are snuggled up asleep in our tent while my oldest sits and watches the fire and keeps telling me he loves the sound of the fire crackling it makes him all warm.

What is the point of telling you all this? Last year I would have never been able to take my three kids camping. I would have been to exhausted by the set up of the camping gear that I would have been a sweaty mess that was cranky and miserable to be around. This year I am the fun outdoor mom.
As we are in our last week before homeschooling and activities begin I am proud of myself. I am proud that I have faced a few of my fears this year. I participated in my first 5k, I went kayaking, I walked the Coquitlam crunch, I walked 10k trails, I wore a two piece bathing suit. I went from wearing tight size 22 clothing to now shopping for size 12. All of this wouldn’t have been possible if I wouldn’t have had weight loss surgery. If I didn’t have my surgery it would have been another summer of I wish I would have done this or that…. I’m no longer afraid of what people might think when I am attempting a new challenge instead I am enjoying life to the fullest!