Monthly Archives: June 2019

Working out

Working out doesn’t have to be a punishment. In fact I find working out helps a lot with stress and just keeping yourself together. I love the fact that we’ve moved to a small town. I’m walking distance to the ocean, two parks and well everything else. There’s something peaceful about taking a walk by the water in the same way that it’s peaceful to walk in the forest. I love just exploring nature and taking all the natural beauty in.

I’ve done some other fun workouts this week as well. I did some Zumba with the kids, dancing and just playing as well as a fitness video.

As I mentioned yesterday that I’m excited to get all my kitchen stuff I am also looking forward to having all my workout gear as well.

So remember if you don’t like your workout change it up. Find something that you love and that’s good for you.

Kitchen Frustrations

Moving across Canada I knew there would be an adjustment period. What I didn’t think was how frustrated I would get when I went into the kitchen. You see in order to eat healthy and make delicious treats I keep a pretty well stocked kitchen. While by most peoples standards my kitchen is currently well stocked, I don’t find it to be the case. You have no idea how many times I’ve went to try and cook something only to remember I don’t have the right ingredients. While I could go out and spend a crazy amount of money replenishing everything my stuff which is currently in transit and will be here by the end of the month. So I just have to remember to have a bit more patience and breath. I also have to keep things simple till my things get here.

We made it to our new home

I seriously thought I would have more time to update my blog while on the road. Lol what was I thinking? I was travelling across Canada with three kids when did I think this magical time was going to appear.

Anyways the good news is we have made it. We drove from coast to coast and everyone survived. I’m not sure what my weight is at the moment because my scale is packed away in our pod which isn’t here yet. So for now I am going to continue to workout and eat right and face the scale once it gets here.

I knew that moving was going to be hard. In fact we made a big move similar to this about 8 years ago. But I never imagined I would miss all of my meal prepping gadgets and kitchen tools as much as I do. It’s like the whole routine is just slightly off with not being able to do a proper meal prep. I mean as far as ingredients I could go out and buy everything again but once our stuff showed up I would have way to much to use. Hopefully our pod will get here soon and I can really start settling in.

I also don’t have all my workout equipment with me yet but I have still been moving. I’ve been taking walks around the neighbourhood and we now have cable so checking out the on demand workouts I can do without equipment.

Well that’s all the updating I have for now. Talk to you soon.