Monthly Archives: December 2014

New Year

I found a quote today in an old WW magazine that I love.


I pinned it above my desk and I love it. I love that I have 365 days starting today to make all my weight loss dreams come true.

I also needed to find this quote today cause I have been wanting to shove everything in my mouth. I did indulge in some cookies, ice cream and whipped cream. But I didn’t go out and get a lemon loaf, a big mac and a long list of other greasy and delicious foods. I can’t wait till Friday when I can restock with a bunch of delicious fruits and veggies. ¬†Not much left to say tonight ! Talk to you tomorrow ūüôā

Working out

I’ve started working out again and I have to say it’s helping me a lot! I started with three nights of doing a 15-20 minutes workout that consisted of either dancing, the elliptical or doing sit ups etc. But today I dove back into the gym and it was wonderful!! I love the high you get from working out. How all your negative thoughts turn to positive thoughts and how it seems to curb your eating.

Today after working out I had all the intention of using some ground beef to make some yummy meat balls for supper with some mashed potatoes. Sadly the ground beef was still frozen and since I don’t have a microwave to defrost it we ended up eating take out. ¬†You know what it wasn’t the end of the world and you want to know why? Cause I am learning to take control of my portions! I probably could have eaten the whole medium pizza and felt like a slob instead before I started eating I had decided that I would eat no more then three pieces of pizza. But Rachelle how can you eat that much pizza and stay within your daily calories! Well I had an extremely late start to my day and missed breakfast so I was lucky enough to have the extra calories to spare and I also had a workout which earned me some extra calories. One bad meal will not undo all my hard work I just need to remember that it’s not a feast its a treat.

My meat is all set for tomorrow so I won’t be eating any take out tomorrow and I went out and bough some frozen meals in case we run into this problem again. My frozen meals are actually doubling as my cheat meals. Lately I have been wanting naan bread and butter chicken or chicken pad thai all the time so I bough the frozen meals to satisfy my cravings and be my meals on fright night. I also have a turkey in the freezer that I plan on cooking and using the week the kids go back to preschool since it will be a crazy busy week!

Well it’s getting late but check back tomorrow I will be posting pictures of what I ate and the total amount of calories for the day!


It’s almost New Years

I can’t believe how fast 2014 has went by. I didn’t attain my weight loss goals in 2014 but I’m not going to sit here and dwell about that. Instead I’m just going to change my actions. I’m not even going to wait till New Years or even set a resolution. Instead of saying what I’m going to do I’m just going to do it! Yesterday I posted that I was going to workout for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. ¬†Today I could have found every excuse in the book not to workout but instead I got on the elliptical and had a great sweat session. ¬†It seems like an extremely small goal but to me it’s an attainable goal and I have a competitive side so if I set a small goal of working out for 15 minutes and end up working out for 30 it will brighten my day. But if I set a goal of ¬†working out for an hour a day and don’t reach that goal I go into self pity mode and fill my face with all the wrong foods.

Here’s a list of things I am proud of from this year.

I am proud that I have found a suitable school for my son. This was quite challenging and stressful.

I am proud that after years of poor eating habits I can identify certain triggers and over come them.

I am proud that my children are happy and healthy.

I am proud to have my husband by my side thru everything.

I am proud that I didn’t set any resolutions this year and I am already working on my goals.

I am proud that I have started my Facebook page and connected with so many wonderful people.

Have a great night everyone!


Mother’s guilt

It’s been a few months since my last training session with my trainer and I find myself missing my gym appointments. You see everything sort of happened all at once here. My sessions with my awesome trainer ended and I decided to start home schooling my oldest son. It seems that when the children went to school it was easier for me to leave the house and get my workout done without feeling guilty. After all they were busy and didn’t need my undivided attention. Now I seem to have that dreaded mother’s guilt once again. When I set a schedule to go workout it can quickly change. I feel guitly about leaving my oldest at home with my husband to entertain himself while I go to the gym. I haven’t been going to the gym and I miss it. So I need to figure out a way to make a workout schedule and stick to it. I need to stop feeling guilty about being gone for an hour and taking a shower when I come home. If I don’t stay on top of my health then it won’t be good for the kids anyway. ¬†To ease back into it I am thinking that I will commit to at least going to the gym once this week. I know that’s a small step but it’s one that I can stick with.

How do you deal with your guilt?

It’s all in the attitude

I follow a lot of weight loss blogs and Facebook pages. I use to wonder how do they lose weight at a steady rate and not get discouraged. I realized it’s all in their attitude. On days when they don’t feel like eating healthy or working out the tough girl/guy comes out. When their doing awesome ¬†losing weight they pat themselves on the back and reward themselves with clothing or a fitness related item. When they think that they have lost the battle of the bulge they post about it and let their followers lift their spirits and do the same to the followers in return. So I have realized it’s all in their attitude and I will be adjusting mine to do exactly what they do. I when I need help I will ask for it. When I am on top of my game I will lift the spirits of others on this weight loss journey.

I hurt my back and I can’t workout right now but I have mentioned it a few times in my Facebook page. I will control what I eat. Meal plans are made and shopping lists are set. Now I just have to get the shopping done this weekend.