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I need to commit

The thing with having been trying to lose weight for most of your life is that you acquire a ton of knowledge. Which yes having a lot of knowledge can be good but it can also confuse you. I have been bouncing around between myfitness pal and weight watchers for tracking. I’ve been using both sporadically and then getting frustrated that I’m not losing weight and I don’t understand why. The thing is I can’t be only tracking sporadically. I also have to choose am I counting calories or am I counting points cause counting both is too much of a chore and going back and forth between both is driving me nutty. So I have decided I am going back to counting points. And honestly one of the main reasons I am choosing to do the points is because I have tons of recipes from going to the meetings. They ¬†are healthy and tempting for me to eat and are fancy enough to feel like I am eating out but their not complicated recipes so I can make them every night.

Along with tracking my food I want to start incorporating two meat free days. This isn’t so much about weight loss but about trying some new recipes that are low cost and a great way to sneak veggies into the kids.

I am also going to start going to bed earlier and get to the gym before the little ones wake up. On that note I’m off to get ready for tomorrow ūüôā

Healthy Snacks

So I’m still down with pneumonia which means I have tons of time to be on Pinterest. I know I blogged about how I can’t be trusted on that site since I pin a bunch of stuff I will probably never make but what’s a sick girl to do after checking facebook 20 thousand times. I have to say I am glad I went on there tonight. I found a bunch of healthy recipes for snacks. I love my sweets. If there is chocolate in the house I want it. I love baking and having baked goods on hand for when someone drops by. I thought I would share a list of what I found on here in case your bored with your current snack situation. If I make any of these I will try to remember to take some pictures.

1.Frozen yogurt covered berries. How simple is that take a delicious berry dip it in your favourite yogurt and freeze.

2.Frozen sliced banana topped with yogurt and 1 chocolate chip per slice of banana. Freeze for an hour and eat. You don’t have to freeze these they are delicious either way.

3.Chia seed pudding. There are so many versions of this it’s amazing.

4.Overnight oats. Who says they have to be for breakfast?

5.Baked oatmeals

6.A tortilla roll up. The possibilities with this one are endless. You can take a tortilla and put some peanut butter, jam and raisins inside. Or you can put cream cheese and jam inside. Or you can make a banana, peanut butter, chocolate chip roll up.

7.Frozen grapes.

8.Avocado toast. Nothing better then a slice of warm bread topped with avocado.

Honestly go to pinterest there are tons of healthy recipes so you don’t get bored!


Taco Thursday

My daughter has recently watched The Lego movie for the thousands time this week. And it never fails after watching the movie she always wants taco Tuesday. As much as I love ¬†her love of taco’s I didn’t have any ground beef on hand. I also needed a fast meal tonight as the kids eat at 4 to be at gymnastics by 5. So what is a busy mom with pneumonia to do on fright night? I made my own version of Taco Thursday lol. Now someone might have already come up with this recipe but I have never come across it so just for tonight lets pretend I’m a genius.

I took some chicken breast(3), a jar of salsa (650ml) , a package of taco seasoning(you can make your own seasoning you will need 1/4 cup) and a can of rinsed and drained kidney beans(540ml)

Throw everything in the crockpot on low and forget about it for at least 6 hours. You can slice your chicken breast if you want but it just falls apart after cooking in the slow cooker either way.

Once it’s cooked serve in a taco shell with your favourite toppings.

It’s almost a mix between chili and taco but it’s filling, healthy and flavourful so I will probably be making this one over and over again. I will try to take a picture next time but tonight we just ate them all up.


This week has been a little crazy. I had day surgery on Tuesday and it threw off my whole schedule. I can’t workout for three weeks, I have to have a high fiber diet and I was in pain. Thank fully the pain has died down and I am starting to feel normal again. Since I was sore I really did want fast meals this week that didn’t require me standing in the kitchen for hours or even longer then 15 minutes really.

I was a little taken by surprise by the high fiber diet as I wasn’t warned prior to my appointment that I would have to eat a high fiber foods. Thankfully my husband took down a list of foods that I like and set out to the store while the kids slept. ¬†So you wanna know what I ate ? Well here’s what I ate and if there is a recipe I will attach the link.

Tuesday for lunch and supper I had a baked sweet potato. Once it was baked I topped it with canned refried beans and a little cheese. Put it back in the oven till it was all warmed.

Wednesday I didn’t want to look at a sweet potato at all. I had had my fill the day before. So for breakfast I had a big bowl of raisin bran. ¬†For lunch I wanted something that I could have leftovers and turn them into a few different things so I made these rice and beans.

I made rice and beans cause I could eat them as they are. Or I could put them in a tortilla with avocado and tomato. Or I could make a breakfast burrito by adding salsa, avocado,  crumbled bacon and some shredded cheese to a tortilla. I even served it as a side to this beef stroganoff instead of having plain rice. As you can tell I made use of cooking a nice size batch of the beans and rice as to not have to cook a lot lol.

Another recipe I made this weekend was these delicious raisin bran muffins. These little gems are great for breakfast and you can reheat them beautifully in the oven. If you have a chance watch the video and he will give you the instructions to reheat them and store them. The recipe only makes 6 muffins. Honestly their so delicious I don’t know why you would only make 6 but you can easily double the recipe.

Tonight I’m making a simple roast chicken with roasted sweet potatoes. We also had take out one night.

Healthy and high fiber eating can be boring but I have to say I really enjoyed everything I ate this week. Oh I almost forgot my favourite snack of the week. I had Wasa Rye crackers topped with avocado. It was the best snack for when I was hungry and didin’t want to waste any time in the kitchen.

Now that we have talked about all the yummy food I’ve been eating lets talk about how I’m going to stay motivated to lose weight. I can’t workout till I get the ok from the Dr so I have to concentrate on my food. But I have been wanting to make a lbs lost and a lbs to lose jar for quite some time. Well I finally went to the dollar store got some pretty jars and marbles and started my jars. I think having a visual of what I lost vs what I have to lose will motivate me a lot. Hopefully you made it this far into my blog lol. But I’ve written enough for now and I’m off to have supper. Have a great night everyone!


Fat Doctor Series

I was browsing youtube a few days ago for some weight loss inspiration when I came across the show Fat Doctor. The basis of the show is that obese people go see a dr and have gastric by pass surgery. I love how in detail they explain everything on the show. In the very first episode he actually draws a diagram of exactly what happens when you have gastric bi pass surgery. I also like that the detail in some of the episodes exactly what the diet is for the week before surgery. If I remember correctly in one episode the lady said that she had to drink milk, drink water or hot water with bouillon cubes and a sugar free jello. ¬†The Dr also explains that for the patients he takes on it’s their very last resort and they will have to work hard even with the surgery. It’s a great show to watch if your even just considering going for surgery.

I have to say that the though of having gastric by pass has crossed my mind and I am on the list to see the surgeon. Weather I decide to go thru with it only time will tell. On one hand I am tired of having to deal with the excess weight on the other hand surgery terrifies me. I also have three small children that need their mom to play with them and I have heard that the recovery can be quite painful.

So until I can see the surgeon and then make up my mind as to weather I want to go ahead with the surgery or not I will keep trying to eat healthy and working out.