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Trying to Eat Healthy While Moving

As with all big life changes moving can bring on stress a lot of stress. And with stress comes terrible food choices. Although I am trying to minimize the unhealthy food choices I am human. We are trying to empty what we have on hand instead of wasting cash on food. That means getting creative and not meal planning the way I have gotten use to .

This week I have been craving some comfort food amidst the chaos. So I altered some of the comfort foods. For example my BLT became a salad instead of a sandwich.

And my lasagna became meat sauce topped with cheese. I forgot to take a picture of my plate but here it is simmering away on the stove.

Snacks have been extremely simplified as well because well simple is best when dealing with everything else. Cheese strings, lunch meat, frozen fruits, apple sauce and veggies are where it’s at these days.

I’ll try my best to keep updating you on what we are eating. Hopefully it will help whoever needs some motivation.