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Can I get a post in Please!

I have been trying and trying to get another blog post in and it seems it just wasn’t meant for me till now.

I wanted to share this with you yesterday but couldn’t get the photo to upload!

Why did I want to post this picture with a massive smile on my face? Well because right before this picture was snapped I had just completed day 1 of the couch to 5 k program. No big deal right? Except for me this is a huge accomplishment. I have been trying for years to complete the couch 2 5 k program and I couldn’t even get thru day one of the workout, that changed yesterday and I’m looking forward to day two of training!

Every day I am more and more in awe of just how far I’ve come in my weight loss and fitness journey.

I am still working on cleaning out the freezer so here’s  some pictures of what we’ve been eating lately.

First picture is chicken and cheese Quesadilla with Tzaziki

Second picture is chicken salad on crackers

Third picture is Meatloaf made into meatballs

Fourth picture is my first attempt at Pumperknickel bread

We have also been enjoying lots of frozen berries, salads, yogurt, Cottage cheese whip(it’s just equal parts frozen fruit and cottage cheese blended in the food processor till smooth, some add a touch of honey to make it sweet but I don’t), roast beef wrap, chicken wraps and we had some hotdogs one day as well for a quick lunch. I don’t eat the bread when I have hotdogs but the kids do.

What’s happening in the Kitchen?

I have to apologize before I even get into the post. I forgot to take pictures of my food once again. But I still want to share what I ate today and the things I’ve prepped to make the rest of the week be on track.

With everyone posting about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and fall coming I felt the need to make myself one for breakfast. I got the recipe off of the Pumpkin spice extract box I have, the only thing I did differently is   I used Fairlife milk to up get my protein up. Here’s a picture of the box:

Seriously whoever the genius at Watkins was that came up with this recipe is giving Starbucks a run for it’s money because I much prefer my homemade version.

For snack we ended up at Krispy Kreme donuts today to try the new chocolate glazed original donuts. Oh my good thing we don’t like close to Krispy Kreme because that chocolate dipped donut it like heaven!

For lunch we decided to hit up our local Pita Bread factory outlet to buy some tortillas for various recipes and outings this week and then since we realized it was getting late ( it was almost 2 pm) we bought a pre cooked chicken. This chicken will last us a few days and is has saved me from worrying about buying deli meat for the next few days 🙂 Also with the bones and a few veggies it’s made this delicious broth that I am going to freeze and use for soups, stews, and other goodies.

For snack I decided to try something new. I’m trying to get the kids to eat oatmeal so I whipped up a recipe with frozen blueberries, milk, cinnamon, quick oats and a drizzle of honey. It was a hit so we might have an alternative to cereal for the kids breakfast.

Supper apparently snuck up on us as well today. Thank goodness for the pressure cooker. I made a roast beef and some garlic lemon potatoes. I’m glad I decided to make a roast tonight because like the chicken it will give me a few days of meat to make wraps or salads with at lunch. So even thou today’s meals all seemed to not be properly planned all in all we ate healthy ( except the donuts) and we are prepared for a few meals for this week.

What have you been cooking? Have you tried any new recipes lately?

Do I really need a gym membership?

A lot of people think in order to lose weight you have to invest in a gym membership. Well I’m here to set the record straight. You don’t have to spend any hard earned money on gym memberships or dvd’s or workout programs unless you want to. We are all very very fortunate to have a built in gym wherever we go.  As fun as it is to lift weights and run on treadmills we don’t need any extra equipment.

So how can you get a good workout without the gym? Well walk, run, do burpees, push ups whatever you can. Check out youtube. Become a kid again and head to the park play on the monkey bars, skip rope, play a game of tag with your kids. Don’t have kids? Find a track and run or jog or offer to babysit for some friends and get moving.  Don’t believe me? Here’s some pictures of how I’ve been keeping active lately.

With all that being said I personally love hitting the gym to clear my head so I do invest in a membership. I did however go for over a year without one when finances and time wouldn’t permit me to have a membership.

So how do you keep active? Do you belong to a gym? Do you do your own workouts?

Summer Come Back!!!

Can you believe that summer is almost over already! It dawned on me yesterday that this summer is coming close to an end and I have to start planning the kids activities.

We already started establishing a homeschool routine but last night I registered the littles for their swim lessons and I still need to find a few more fun activities to keep them active during our rainy season.

With homeschooling starting it also means the instapot and the crock pot will be coming out once again to make delicious homemade meals. It also means I will be portioning out snacks and having snack bins for the kids to grab and eat.

What are some of your favourite healthy snack ideas?


Clear the freezer

So it’s been about 8 days since I updated on how the clearing of the freezer is going. Honestly I apparently suck at staying on track lol. I have actually went out and bought some chicken and a roast but I swear I’m not buying anymore food lol. I really want to be able to fit a freezer pack from the butcher in so I have to empty my freezer. I still want to keep giving you meal ideas that are healthy so here’s what we have been eating.




frozen fruits



leftovers from the night before


ham( I made a ham for dinner and then use the rest of it up during the week so I don’t have to buy deli meat)




hummus and carrots

cucumber sammies

grill cheese

egg wraps


meat loaf made into meatballs

fish and zucchini fries

chicken with salad

ham with frozen veggies and rice


meatballs with spaghetti

breakfast for supper(pancakes, sausages, eggs)

And leftovers


Now I want to take more pictures of what we are eating so that’s tomorrow’s goal. I also don’t want to wait 8 days between postings. I’m hoping that by the ends of the freezer clearing I will have made myself somewhat of a simple healthy meal plan.

I’ll check back in tomorrow. Let me know what you’ve been cooking up in your kitchen.

Back in the Groove

So today is Day 1 of clear the freezer and eat healthy.

Here’s what we ate:

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with leftover cooked ham

Lunch was salad with tuna and a bit shredded cheese for me. The kids had some deli turkey wrapped around a cheese string with fresh cherries and crackers



Supper was a new dish we tried called Cowboy Grub which we all loved and it made tons of leftovers


Snacks we had some popscicles, baby carrots and hummus, crackers and tzaziki, watermelon and cherries.


Now of course I didn’t spend the whole day in the hot kitchen I also had some fun in the sun. The kids and I got out our jump ropes and played. I forgot how much fun it was to jump rope and sing songs.


After dinner it was time to head to my new gym and get my sweat on. I have to say my new gym has a great workout vibe going on compared to most gyms I’ve been to. Here’s a pic of me doing a circuit at the new gym. I have to say I feel like making simple meals and working out this week has made life much easier and actually given me more time to play and homeschool the little ones.

Let’s Catch Up

As usual time has gotten away from me recently. I always think of things will slow down eventually but the truth is life is alway busy and I need to make this blog more of a priority.

So what’s happened since the last time we spoke? Well tons of things. I’ve had a minor surgery, had my parents visit from back east, finished and restarted the homeschool year. Joined a new gym, maintained my weight loss and much much more.

As much as it’s fun catching up I want to make this blog post about something that I am passionate about. Those of you that know me know I have a passion for cooking and I tend to buy a ton of groceries with the intentions of making a bunch of different meals. I’ve had a few people say oh if only healthy eating wasn’t so expensive. Well consider that a challenge accepted! I want to empty my freezers to make room for a butcher order so this is going to make this challenge double the fun. I want to only make food based on what I have at home. If I buy anything I will upload the receipts to the blog. The only thing I will tell you I will be buying probably weekly is milk, other then that lets empty the frozen veggies, fruits and everything else from the freezer. I will let you know what I’ve cooked every day for meals and snacks. Let the creative juices start to flow so I can feed my family healthy and delicious meals without spending a fortune 🙂