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Day 1 of Simple start

It’s 830 pm as I type this and I have been doing well on plan so far. But I would be lying if I told you I didn’t want to go eat a bunch of crap right now. I should probably get a healthy snack after I type this but my body is screaming for junk food right now.

I decided to keep it simple today and use the meals that are in the simple start book to the exception of my snacks and my supper. For breakfast I had breakfast pizza which was good but I’m a texture eater and the tomato make the english muffin soggy so I’m going to switch to salsa for tomorrow morning it doesnt get as soggy. For lunch I had grill cheese and soup and for supper I had fish, rice and raw carrots. Here’s a picture of my breakfast and lunch I forgot to take a picture of supper 🙂

photo 1

photo 2

I won’t be blogging tomorrow or Saturday since I’ll be out but I will fill you in on my eating adventures when I come home Sunday


A change in plans

For the past few years I have been a proud member of TOPS but recently I have been finding myself needing more. Today I decided to join WW. The plan has changed a lot over the years and if all the meetings are as good as it was today I will find more friends and a lot of motivation. I will also have lots to tell you about the new plan and hopefully will take care of my writers block. Stay tuned tomorrow night for how my first day on plan went.


When your home and you have a routine you follow it can be tricky to stay on track. But when your on vacation it can seem impossible to stay on track. I’m currently on vacation and it seems that all the junk food is calling my name. This morning I woke up went into my parents kitchen and had butter tarts and a pepsi for breakfast. Its seems like when you go back to your parents all food rules you have at home go out the window and you become a big kid again.

Thankfully yesterday we did groceries and we got some healthy food. We got grapes and chicken and hummus etc and we did also buy some treats 🙂

I’m not stressing about my weight while on vacation this time but I will try and eat at least one healthy thing a day