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My first 5K

Yesterday was an amazing day! I walked most of it not because I didn’t want to run but because of the amount of people that attending the event. I participated in the Night Nation Run. I am starting my training tomorrow for my next 5K in September and I am hoping I will be able to do more running. I have to say that yesterday’s 5K gave me an adrenaline rush. Everyone was dressed up and the music was blaring. There’s a video and more pictures on my facebook page of the music but here’s a few pics of my amazing night!

IMG_1058 IMG_1062 IMG_1079 IMG_1108



Things you deal with even after weight loss surgery

There was certain things I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with after I lost some weight and some things I don’t anymore but other things I still do but in different ways. For example pre surgery I use to get asked if I really needed a second plate of food but now I get asked if that’s all I’m going to eat.

I’ve come to realize that people think they have the right to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your body even if it doesn’t affect them at all.  Everyone has an opinion which I suppose is a good thing but not all things need to be said. Another example of peoples opinions is when I told people I was going to have weight loss surgery and was told I would just be trading in fat for excess skin. Is it true sure but I can live a healthier life with excess skin I couldn’t really do that with excess fat. I knew that I wasn’t the best person I could be with all the weight. I knew that inside there was a runner screaming to be let out. There was a hiker that wanted to move and discover new trails. I knew that I wanted to be able to play tag with the kids and soccer and whatever else they want to play. I want to have energy all day and not have an afternoon slump.

I know it’s hard for people to understand the new me and it’s shown me my true friends for sure. But I am healthy and I am happy and living the life I’ve always wanted to live.

When you have so much to say

Lately I tend to start and stop several blogs daily. I have so much I want to say but I can’t seem to type it out properly. There are thoughts I need to get out but I want to make sure they aren’t just a bunch of jumbled words but a post that makes sense. So I will keep trying to put my thoughts on here and hopefully I can get ride of this writers block soon 🙂

My eyes are bigger then my stomach

Ok first of all where has the summer gone? I mean we are already August! How did the summer slip away so fast?

I don’t know what is going on with me lately but I seem to be on a food shopping spree! My freezers are full, my cupboards are full so there is no need for any other food yet I keep buying more! It’s like I go shopping and forget I can’t eat that much food at a time.  In the program I followed before surgery they talked about cross addictions. One of them having the need to shop. I have to tell you that in the last 6 months I have had a couple things I was obsessed with. Like when I was fresh out of surgery and I would watch 10000 calorie challenges on youtube or food eating competitions. I could sit there for hours watching it and never feel hungry. I’m not sure if I enjoyed watching people eat cause it grossed me out or I was living thru them but I am glad I am over that phase. Now I need to deal with the food shopping issue which I am sure I will overcome as well. Especially if I stay away from the stores which will be easy to do with the cupboards over flowing.

As bad as shopping for food has become I am getting good at at least buying healthy food. This weekend for example I got a 20 lbs box of veggies from a local farmer and a 20 lbs box of fruits. I actually gave some of the fruits away since there was no way we could eat it all before it went bad. The pleasure I get from a peach now is way better then what I use to get from cakes, cookies and chips.

I hate having a negative tone to my blog so lets talk about what I have been doing well lately. I’ve been busting my butt with hikes. If your on my facebook you saw that I did the Coquitlam crunch today and boy did it feel good to get to the top of those 437 steps. I’m also going to be starting the couch to 5 k app this week. I am going to walk a 5 k this Saturday but I am hoping to run my 5k in September.

What are some of your health and fitness goals this month?

I will leave you with some pics of the fruits I purchased this weekend 🙂

IMG_0836 IMG_0833