A better day

Today’s food choices have been much better then the last few days.  I decided not to eat take out today and I stuck to my guns.  In the process of eating in I discovered a yummy meal. I bought some Red Lobster biscuit mix when I did groceries a couple weeks back and decided to bake some today. They are delicious and 4pts plus per biscuit. I had some leftover chicken so I made a chicken sandwich on the biscuits it was amazing. So amazing that I had it for lunch and supper. My veggy intake was pretty much non existent today but I did manage to eat lots of fruit. I had pear, grapes and lots of watermelon.

It’s pretty warm in our house today since the front of the house is all windows and the sun is on them on day. We can’t open these windows either some come summer time it’s like an oven in our kitchen and dinning room. Since their giving hot again tomorrow I am planning my food out and baking/cooking what needs to be cooked for tomorrow. I have made some rice and sweet potato so far. The chicken has just been seasoned and put in the oven. It smells wonderful in our house right now. I found a new maple spice blend and I am hoping it tastes as good as it smells. I also have some steaks defrosting that I will be seasoning and cooking up as soon as their defrosted. The way I see it is if everything is cooked all I have to do is reheat and serve. Or if I don’t feel like eating something hot I can make a rice salad with chicken and sweet potatoes and sundried tomato dressing.

The thing that I have saved for last is the thing I am most proud of today. My exercise. I did an hour workout with my amazing trainer from 730-830 am. I then came home and saw that the kids needed to get out of the house today so I loaded them up and we went for a walk around the lake it was an hour and a half walk and it was great we saw butterflies and geese and ducklings it was great and it was a form of exercise I didnt think was exercise till after I was done. We then came home ate our lunch had some quiet time and then headed to the park for an hour and a half. It’s been a very productive day in the exercise department.

Lets hope its another great day tomorrow 🙂

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