Schools out for summer

Sadly the last day of school came a little early here in the province of British Columbia as our teachers went on a full strike. Which means I went from having one child home all day to 3 children home all day. And as busy as I have been keeping them I am hoping we can get into a more relaxed routine where they don’t expect a playdate everyday but a simple trip to the park will do. It’s been a little rainy here this week so I made the most of it by taking the kids to play at the free play area at the mall. Well the free play area is amazing but the kids seem to instantly get hungry ¬†the second we step into the mall. My kids new addiction is a strawberry smoothy from Orange Julius and a hot dog. It’s not exactly cheap or nutritious so I’m going to have to start bringing snacks and a small meal for them.

I’m headed out to the states tomorrow to get some shopping done for my son’s 6th birthday. I usually love taking the opportunity to eat at a new restaurant in the states but this time I’ve decided to pack a lunch so I can stay on track and eat sensibly. Plus with my 7 year anniversary coming up on Monday I hope to save a few of my cheap points for that night. So what am I bringing with me. A ham and cheese sandwich, some strawberries, some watermelon and some nuts. I’m also going to bring my bottle of water and drink lots since it’s actually suppose to be a nice day tomorrow.

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