Monthly Archives: June 2014

How the new plan is going

So I haven’t updated in a while and it’s cause like everyone else life got busy lol. I attended my TOPS weekend and I came home with a weight gain of 2.25 lbs. Considering this was a weight loss themed weekend and we were celebrating the weight loss achievement of others gaining weight didn’t make me very happy at all. But on wednesday I walked into my WW meting with my head held high and took my gain like a pro. Now what I loved about this meeting was the lady that did my weigh in did say well better luck next week which is great but what the leader did was even better. After everyone sat down without asking who gained or lost weight she opened up the floor to people who lost weight to give words of encouragement and tips to the people who lost weight. This was great for me cause I hate the strong handed approach of being told OMG you gained weight you need to do better and I equally hate the well better luck next week type of attitude since neither one are productive but the combo I got at my meeting lifted my spirits and gave me great ideas.

How and I like the program so far? Well for me the simple start just simply does not gives me too much freedom and then I over eat so I decided to go straight to counting my points this week.  With counting my points I really do make better choices and healthier choices. For example today I indulged a little too much ( I had a small ice capp and a nanaimo barre and a hot fudge sundae and a burger) but I didn’t go over my weekly points so I’m completely ok with that. Also I have some activity points that I’ve earned. I love that the app is with me constantly and there is no reason not to track your food as you eat.

I am hoping for a loss this week and to keep you up to date a little more often.

And remember nothing tastes as good as skinny feels 🙂