What’s happening in the Kitchen?

I have to apologize before I even get into the post. I forgot to take pictures of my food once again. But I still want to share what I ate today and the things I’ve prepped to make the rest of the week be on track.

With everyone posting about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and fall coming I felt the need to make myself one for breakfast. I got the recipe off of the Pumpkin spice extract box I have, the only thing I did differently is   I used Fairlife milk to up get my protein up. Here’s a picture of the box:

Seriously whoever the genius at Watkins was that came up with this recipe is giving Starbucks a run for it’s money because I much prefer my homemade version.

For snack we ended up at Krispy Kreme donuts today to try the new chocolate glazed original donuts. Oh my good thing we don’t like close to Krispy Kreme because that chocolate dipped donut it like heaven!

For lunch we decided to hit up our local Pita Bread factory outlet to buy some tortillas for various recipes and outings this week and then since we realized it was getting late ( it was almost 2 pm) we bought a pre cooked chicken. This chicken will last us a few days and is has saved me from worrying about buying deli meat for the next few days 🙂 Also with the bones and a few veggies it’s made this delicious broth that I am going to freeze and use for soups, stews, and other goodies.

For snack I decided to try something new. I’m trying to get the kids to eat oatmeal so I whipped up a recipe with frozen blueberries, milk, cinnamon, quick oats and a drizzle of honey. It was a hit so we might have an alternative to cereal for the kids breakfast.

Supper apparently snuck up on us as well today. Thank goodness for the pressure cooker. I made a roast beef and some garlic lemon potatoes. I’m glad I decided to make a roast tonight because like the chicken it will give me a few days of meat to make wraps or salads with at lunch. So even thou today’s meals all seemed to not be properly planned all in all we ate healthy ( except the donuts) and we are prepared for a few meals for this week.

What have you been cooking? Have you tried any new recipes lately?

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