Three Years Post Op

I often get asked how I stick to a bariatric lifestyle. For me it was really simple because of my love of cooking. I started finding alternatives to most if not all most of my favourite foods. I also didn’t focus on what I couldn’t eat anymore. There is such a variety of food out there that there really isn’t a reason for me to stray back to my old habits. Of course I am human and I will get the cravings for fast food just like anyone else, but most of the time the smell of the fast food is enough to stop me from actually eating it.

Last night I got in the kitchen to set myself up for a successful week. After three years of meal planning I’ve realized most of the time I like to prepare my meals when I am about to eat them but my snacks I seem to really scramble to find something if I am not organized. This week I prepared some zucchini cake, banana foster overnight oats, mocha donuts and chocolate cheesecake puddings. And guess what all of these recipes are bariatric friendly. So I can have my cake and eat it after all lol.

So if you’ve just started your journey and are struggling because of the foods you can no longer eat, I encourage you to find a bariatric meal plan or find a youtube channel to inspire you. If you don’t like to cook team up with a fellow bariatric patient and split the cost of ingredients. But I can tell you for sure that this lifestyle is completely doable and you can succeed.

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