The Tale of Two Steaks

As I mentioned yesterday I am back to eating better. I had two steaks in the freezer and they were calling my name. I wanted something different besides just having a huge chunk of steak with roasted veggies, even though that’s delicious. I also wanted to stretch the meat out since the price of steak has now gotten even higher.

So how did I feed 5 people two meals and still have leftovers to avoid a night of cooking? The first meal I made was bbq steak, with a creamy mushroom sauce and spaghetti squash. I don’t have a recipe for this meal I just kind of made it up as I went but it was delicious and approved by the whole family.

The second meal I made was beef and broccoli that I got from this website

I did switch a few things up like I didn’t have any mushrooms so I didn’t add them and I put way more broccoli in because we needed to use it up. I also didn’t bother serving it with noodles or rice.

So these are the types of healthy meals I hope to be able to start regularly sharing with all of you. It doesn’t need to be hours in the kitchen to make healthy foods. You can stretch your steaks if you thinly slice them. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be without flavour. Healthy eating can be amazing! Yes my kids did eat both these meals and are excited we have leftovers.

How are you stretching your proteins? Have you noticed the prices of meat going up in your area?

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