Taking the Easy Way Out

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’ve had weight loss surgery. The gastric sleeve to be exact. One of the many phrases I heard when I was thinking about having surgery was your taking the easy way out. Well I am here to tell you that 20 months post surgery it is definitely not the easy way out. Nor is it the solution to having that perfect weight.


Now let me explain myself before I upset anyone. I would do the surgery again in a heartbeat I have zero regrets about having surgery. I’ve had my ups and downs dealing with some acid reflux issues and some vitamin issues, but I love the skin I’m in and that is priceless. What I mean when I say it’s not the easy way out or the solution to the perfect weight is this. Your surgery is a tool, you have to use it wisely. In the honeymoon phase after surgery you never think of food or have cravings. At about the one year mark you start to be able to eat more and you have to deal with those emotions, trust me you will have thoughts and emotions on this. Am I eating too much?  What should my calorie goal be? Am I eating enough protein? Have I stretched my pouch? All these questions will cross your mind. Now listen to me carefully when these questions and thoughts come to you reach out to a fellow weight loss surgery buddy, your medical team or join an online or in person support group. I have seen men and women let these thoughts derail their progress and brought them back to old habits resulting in weight gain.


Also this tool does not guarantee that the weight will stay off forever. It’s can’t slap the food out of your hand. You need to stay in tune with your body and recognize your hunger vs your thirst or your full vs it’s really good. Some say you can’t stretch your pouch and others swear you can. Since I’m not a medical professional I can’t comment on if it can be stretched. I can however say that What I could eat before surgery, after surgery and now are all very different. I can no longer eat the quantities of food prior to surgery but I can graze which can cause weight gain.


I will forever be food journalling and working out. I will never be able to outrun my fork but I will forever be grateful for the tools my medical team and surgeon has given me.

Here’s some picture of my progress

Before surgery


Me last august

Me this summer 🙂

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