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I’m a foodie

I’m a foodie. But since surgery I really have to find ways to keep my foodie happy. I don’t think I will ever regret the decision to have weight loss surgery as it’s made my life a lot better. Somedays I do struggle that I can’t eat meals like I use to. In my near future there isn’t any big meals. I often take more food then I can physically finish on my plate but never force myself to clear my plate. So how am I keeping my inner foodie happy? I am cooking foods I really and truly enjoy. If it’s not tasty I don’t finish it and I am not tempted by foods and controlled by them like I use to.

Last night I went to an event and I had no interest at all in the food that was spread out. I’ve realized that my portions are small so I need to make them count and be satisfying. My foodie had been satisfied before I went and I drank some iced tea instead of eating.

The one thing I am missing now that the weather is getting warmer is salad. Since my stomach is so small I can’t handle salads in the volume that I use to. If I get two or three mouthfuls of salad I’m lucky. The thing is I know that I need the variety from the leafy greens in my diet. So I am giving greens a go. I am hoping I can hide then into my protein shakes and they will taste delicious. Do you use greens? What brand do you buy? Have you tried a protein powder that has greens mixed into it? Give me some of your feedback

Let them judge you

let them judge you

Someone I know sent me this quote. I’ve been feeling a little down because the people that I thought are my true friends have disappeared. No not all of them but there is some that I have been surprised by their lack of wanting to come over or call to see how I am. And I  have been pleasantly surprised by some who I though wouldn’t be coming around at all. I am very happy and grateful for the friends that are supporting me and even if they can’t come over sending a quick text or calling me.

But I would be lying if I didn’t say that the friends that aren’t calling or coming around or texting aren’t hurting me. And before you say well Rachelle people are busy with their own lives. And I get that except their social media shows that they aren’t to0 busy for a quick text they simple can’t be bothered.

Sadly this is part of the process and I will get thru it. But just for the record I am not my surgery. I am an array of wonderful things. And if they can’t be bothered to see past my surgery and not be an unconditional friend then I don’t need them. I’m not saying I won’t mourn the loss of my friends but I will survive this.

There is so much more that I could say in this post but I don’t feel the need to share all the uglyness that some people have shown me. Those are their demons to battle not mine.