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What Did We Find In The Kitchen Today Day 1

So I mentioned in a previous blog that we have lots of food in the house. I also mentioned that my goal is to clear some of the food from our house and save on our grocery budget. I got to sleep in today so I didn’t take a picture of breakfast but here’s what we had for lunch and supper

Lunch was kind of a mix and mash. We had some hamburger soup left to eat and ¬†the kids wanted pogos ( I didn’t eat any of these) and some frozen berries

For supper we had some sliced and pan fried turkey sausage with frozen fajitas mix that I sauteed and the kids had some Kraft dinner

I would say today was a pretty tasty day but just wait and see what I have tomorrow. Be sure to come back you won’t be disappointed. I will add the recipes for tomorrow’s meals in the blog.