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Sourdough Skillet

I love having a sourdough starter. However sometimes it gets away on me. I think I’ll be using it so I feed it and then all of a sudden I have a bunch of extra starter I need to bake with. So I remembered seeing a YouTuber make a sourdough skillet among other recipes and set out to find her blog. If you need a recipe for sourdough you have got to check out farmhouseonboone.com . She also has great YouTube videos on how to make and maintain your sourdough, life on a homestead etc. Here’s the recipe I tried tonight.

Although the top looks a little darker then I would like it definitely wasn’t burnt. I added whatever veggies I had on hand. Some carrots, onions, celery, broccoli and peppers. I don’t think there’s a combination of veggies that would be bad in here.

So if you have a lot of sourdough your looking to use. I highly recommend this recipe.

Date Night-Slow cooker Hamburger Potato Casserole

Another at home date night. I wanted to make this meal in the slow cooker because it was so hot and humid I knew if we didn’t throw out dinner together we would end up grabbing some take out. I’m so glad I made this. Simple ingredients all brought together and slow cooked for hours just made all the flavours that much better. This makes a lot of food and I’m sure if you are a larger family you could stretch this meal for not too much extra cash by adding more corn or potatoes. Here’s a link to the recipe I used. I do have to admit I didn’t add the cheese on top and it was still delicious. If you haven’t yet check this blogger out on YouTube you really should. She has lots of creative and budget friendly meal videos.

We are loving our at home date nights. We can listen to music or not and be able to have a nice conversation without the hustle and bustle of a restaurant atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong there’s a time and place for eating out, but it can also be equally special staying in.

Let’s make Dinner

So some nights I simple have no desire to cook. Usually on those nights I end up creating a meal that I will have to work hard to recreate as I just grab and toss a bunch of things together. On this particular night I had a lb of ground beef defrosted and some leftover cooked rice from the night before( I had cooked it in homemade bone broth) and no clue what I was putting together. I decided I wanted to create a version of Spanish rice. I fried up my ground beef and seasoned it with taco seasoning, added some chopped onions. Then I found some frozen diced tomatoes in the freezer that I tossed into the pan and some bacon bits that were kicking around in the fridge. Now this wasn’t my childhood Spanish rice but it sure hit the spot on this particular night. Sometimes you have to just get creative and get some food into our bellies.

Bow Tie Pasta

Growing up this meal was served and still is served at most family gatherings. It’s simple and not everyones cup of tea but there’s something nostalgic about it for me. This is actually only the second time that I make it as it’s one of those meals that always taste better when Mom makes it. I tend to request this recipe when I visit my parents and it never disappoints me. The ingredients are simple and as long as you find your ground beef on sale or buy it in bulk pretty affordable. This meal has ground 1 lb of beef, 1 diced onions, 1-2 chopped garlic cloves, 1-2 sliced carrots and Bow Tie pasta that’s it. I’m excited that my kids are now asking me to make this meal and like it just as much as I do. Funny how a meal can bring up memories and comfort.