Still on Vacation

I’m still not home and because of that I have been enjoying time with family. I did fall off the healthy eating wagon for a little bit but I am back on track.

I had taking off my fitbit so I didnt have a weird tan line for my brothers wedding but today I have charged it all up and I am proud to say that I have walked 12505 steps today.

I am missing my weight loss meetings back in BC..the program I am following really is like a community. We help each other out when we are having a rough day and high five each other when we are having a great day. My weight is going down again but I can’t help but think I would be ahead if I didn’t fall off track for almost 3 weeks. But I can’t change the past I can only move forward and will stop dwelling on the what could have been.

We are hitting the road again on Saturday to start the journey home and I am hoping to keep losing all the way home and be down at least another 5 lbs by the time I see my Dr. For now here’s something that’s been keeping me motivated.


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