Some days…..

Some days are harder then others after having weight loss surgery or even just when on a weight loss journey. This morning I woke up with what I like to call fat brain.

I woke up thinking oh your so puffy today and bloated. You look huge. As these thoughts were going thru my head I was getting dressed for the day. Once I was done getting dressed I had to stop and take a minute to realize what I had just done. You see as I was telling myself that I looked fat I was slipping on my size small yoga pants and my size medium hoody. After I realized I had put these clothing on I had to laugh at myself and give myself a little talk. Rachelle seriously if you think your fat in a size small pair of pants what on earth do you consider to be thin? I stood in front of my full length mirror and actually took the time to look at myself. I was having a good hair day and my shirt looked baggy and I all of a sudden realized that my head was a little disconnected from the reality of what my body actually looks like now.

Some days my fat brain tries to pull me back into bad habits. You already look terrible today go ahead and eat that cookie or wow your a mess today have that extra cream in your coffee. If I didn’t take the time to stop, think and check my thoughts I would without a doubt regain all the weight that I have worked hard to lose.

Why am I telling you all this? Because we don’t often talk about the dialogue we have with ourselves in our heads. How harshly we are judging ourselves. How hard it can be to listen to your thoughts and then realize the disconnect with mind and body. So I am mostly telling you all this so you know your not alone and we can get rid of our fat brain talk if we just slow down and take a minute to really look at ourselves.

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