Do I really need a gym membership?

A lot of people think in order to lose weight you have to invest in a gym membership. Well I’m here to set the record straight. You don’t have to spend any hard earned money on gym memberships or dvd’s or workout programs unless you want to. We are all very very fortunate to have a built in gym wherever we go.  As fun as it is to lift weights and run on treadmills we don’t need any extra equipment.

So how can you get a good workout without the gym? Well walk, run, do burpees, push ups whatever you can. Check out youtube. Become a kid again and head to the park play on the monkey bars, skip rope, play a game of tag with your kids. Don’t have kids? Find a track and run or jog or offer to babysit for some friends and get moving.  Don’t believe me? Here’s some pictures of how I’ve been keeping active lately.

With all that being said I personally love hitting the gym to clear my head so I do invest in a membership. I did however go for over a year without one when finances and time wouldn’t permit me to have a membership.

So how do you keep active? Do you belong to a gym? Do you do your own workouts?

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