No pain no gain

After my workout yesterday I felt amazing. I felt like I could accomplish anything if I could get thru the 30 day shred workout. Today I am feeling the pain from that amazing workout. The stairs seem to be my enemy and even though I only worked out with 5 lbs weights my arms are sore as well. I had every intention of doing the 30 day shred workout today but once the DVD started I just wasn’t all that into it today. So instead of just skipping my workout I decided to do some Zumba and try Your Shape for xbox 360. ¬†Your shape was a little more challenging then I imagined it would be. I even had to stop at some point for fear of bringing my supper back up.

Today’s eating was ok by my standards. I did have some pogo’s(corn dogs) for lunch and I even had some chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas. I haven’t had one soda today and I plan to sticking to water for the rest of the week.

Last week I had a gain at my Weight Watchers meeting and I was disappointed. So I am making sure that I am doing everything I can this week to make sure that I am succeeding. I am eating within my calories and making sure to keep moving.

I think the hardest part of this whole weight loss journey is retraining yourself to think of food as fuel instead of a treat or a comfort. And that a fun activity or outing can be a hike, a walk or a spin class instead of a meal out. But with every day that I am changing my habits I’m hoping that it will become a little easier everyday.

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