No More Coffee

Eight days ago I had my last cup of coffee. I had never been a coffee drinker prior to bariatric surgery but somehow got sucked in to the hype. I’m pretty sure my love for coffee was discovered when I had H Pylori and couldn’t keep any food down but coffee went down smooth for some reason.

Why am I did I quit coffee one might ask? Well for several reasons actually. I was using coffee as a meal replacement for one but also I have been having some stomach issues that aren’t being helped by coffee.

But the main reason is pretty simple. As bariatric patients we aren’t suppose to be drinking coffee. As delicious as coffee is it can wreak some having on our little tummies. It can increase stomach acids, irritate the lining of our stomachs and actually prohibit the absorption of the vitamins and minerals we need as bariatric patients.

Was it easy giving up coffee? Ummm heck no. You don’t realize how dependant you get on coffee. How you go into auto pilot and start the coffee machine before doing anything else in the morning. I have to say day 1 was a walk in the park. Day 2 and 3 a slight but manageable headache kicked in. Day 4-5 I seemed to be ok but extremely tired. And days 6-7 were the worse, I was craving coffee so bad and become a little bit of a cranky monster.

So here’s to hoping I can stay off coffee now and find a better alternative.

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