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As a trained chef trying to lose weight I am always looking for new recipes that as fast and healthy that my three little ones will enjoy.  Yesterday I got to try two recipes. The first one was a banana chia seed pudding(I will post the links at the end). Sadly I am the only one that liked this pudding but I will be trying it again. I think it’s a texture my kids aren’t use to but it was amazing to me. And the second recipe was a pumpkin chilli.  My youngest son liked this recipe but the older two weren’t huge fans. My husband and I loved it. We even have some in the freeze for a fast and healthy meal one night. I like this particular recipe cause it’s meatless but doesn’t have a ton of beans in it. I don’t mind eating beans but the little ones can be quite picky. So without further ado here are the recipes.

Banana Pudding

While you are checking out this recipe on the website be sure you browse around there’s a ton of yummy recipes.

Pumpkin Chili

This recipe I actually found in my magazine but I was able to find the link to the online version. Again there are tons of yummy recipes on this site as well.

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