Moving Coast to Coast

So on Saturday we started our journey to our new home. I swear I thought I had all the time in the world to prepare for our move and then before I knew it bam moving day!

I had plans of cooking while on the road and to be honest it just hasn’t happened. By the time we arrive at our hotels we are exhausted from travelling. Does this mean we are hitting up every fast food restaurant nope. It means we are stopping and buying groceries everyday. Tonight we wanted a warm meal but again I was too tired to cook so we had frozen dinners. I got a chicken fajitas bowl. While the stats aren’t what I would typically eat it was healthy, cheap and filling. It’s not the best I could have done but it is better then what I could have eaten.

So let’s actually chat about what’s been actually going on while on this crazy coast to coast move. Today is day 5 of travelling. Day 1 was a breeze and we only drove 1.5 hours but we had also spent the previous two days packing and cleaning the whole house before the move.

Day 2 was intense, we drove for a total of 12 hours with pee breaks and eating breaks etc by the time we got to our hotel we all dropped and fell asleep rather quickly. We drove from Hope BC all the way to Calgary Alberta. We did see a lot of wildlife. A moose, some deer, some prairie dogs etc.

Day 3 we traveled a short distance so the kids could have more time to just unwind and not be trapped in the car. We went from Calgary Alberta to Medicine Hat Alberta. Medicine Hat is an interesting place. While there’s not much going on we did get to see the worlds largest teepee which was impressive.

Day 4 brought us to Regina Saskatchewan. We had stayed in Regina before and we knew we wanted to go back to the same hotel. Why? Because there’s an indoor water park for the kids. We are travelling a lot of kilometres so we need to keep the kids in mind and let them get some of their energy out. We want this to be something they enjoy and not something we are rushing thru.

And finally today was day 5 of travelling. We left Regina and travelled to North Dakota. There isn’t much to say. We saw fields, lots and lots of fields. Flat fields in Saskatchewan and fields with hills in Montana. But still fields lol. We were glad to get to the hotel relax in the pool and hot tub before I came down to the laundry room to catch up on laundry and catch all of you up on our adventures. Hope your all having a wonderful night and your accomplishing your dreams whatever they may be.

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