Meal Prep

I know it’s only the second day in the new year. I also know a lot of people have made resolutions to be healthier, tighten the budget and eat and home or simply to cook more. Before you go and get yourself overwhelmed with all the information available, I want to share with you how simple it can be to meal prep.

Today I got in the kitchen and set myself up for the next few days. I made some hard boiled eggs, a yogurt treat and I cooked a ham. I can already hear some of you saying. I can already here you saying, wait a minute if that’s all she cooked how can she be ready for the next few days? Let me explain. I am not a traditional meal preper. I don’t spend a whole day or hours on end in the kitchen. From a previous meal prep session I already had some frozen leftovers, frozen baked oatmeal, frozen protein balls and frozen protein cookies. If your making something that freezes well make 2 batches. It won’t take you anymore time but might save you when your in a pinch on a busy morning or something happens to throw off the schedule. The ham I cooked will last me quite a few meals for me and the family. I can make western omelettes, home made lunchables, quiche etc. The boiled eggs can become devilled eggs or an egg salad or I can just grab one and start snacking.

Other things I keep on hand for an easy meal plan prep session is beef jerky, cheese, yogurt, pork rinds. What I am trying to tell you is it can be simple to eat healthy and meal prep. So if your embarking on a healthier eating lifestyle or trying to trim the budget. Keep it simple. Chances are you will stick to it if it’s easy.

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