Let’s Catch Up

As usual time has gotten away from me recently. I always think of things will slow down eventually but the truth is life is alway busy and I need to make this blog more of a priority.

So what’s happened since the last time we spoke? Well tons of things. I’ve had a minor surgery, had my parents visit from back east, finished and restarted the homeschool year. Joined a new gym, maintained my weight loss and much much more.

As much as it’s fun catching up I want to make this blog post about something that I am passionate about. Those of you that know me know I have a passion for cooking and I tend to buy a ton of groceries with the intentions of making a bunch of different meals. I’ve had a few people say oh if only healthy eating wasn’t so expensive. Well consider that a challenge accepted! I want to empty my freezers to make room for a butcher order so this is going to make this challenge double the fun. I want to only make food based on what I have at home. If I buy anything I will upload the receipts to the blog. The only thing I will tell you I will be buying probably weekly is milk, other then that lets empty the frozen veggies, fruits and everything else from the freezer. I will let you know what I’ve cooked every day for meals and snacks. Let the creative juices start to flow so I can feed my family healthy and delicious meals without spending a fortune 🙂

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