Let the Fun Begin!

Why is it that after a long weekend the first day back to reality is crazy packed! Tomorrow we are officially back to homeschooling. I have some appointments and we have an annual not back to school picnic we might be attending and or a playdate. Oh and did I mention yet that we are having a heat wave? But don’t worry I’m not letting that derail my healthy eating plans. Instead I took about 20 minutes today and got myself organized. For breakfast we will be eating some savoury breakfast cookies. For lunch I boiled some ham,cut and packed some cheese, packed the kids some crackers and myself some sliced peppers. I also knew that since we will basically be gone all day tomorrow I won’t want to make supper so I’ve defrosted some leftover meatballs that I will serve with some veggies. It took me 20 minutes to get all organized that’s it. Snacks are going to be some yogurts and fruit, hummus and veggies. I even packed some extra tuna packs and crackers in case the kids or I am extra hungry. I say it took me 20 minutes but it probably didn’t even take me that long. The thing that took the longest to do was cooking the ham and I did the dishes while boiling it so I was pulling double duty 🙂

As far as working out I think I will be doing enough running around that I won’t even need to worry about it. If I get a workout in then I will take it if not no big deal.


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