I’m home!!

Well this summer has flown by and I haven’t been blogging much. I thought while on vacation I would have tons of time to keep up on my blog, facebook page and weight loss journey. I did manage to stay somewhat on track with my eating I would say maybe 50% of the time.  I didn’t anticipate just how busy we would be while on vacation or how tired we would be.  I don’t do well with my eating if I am tired or stressed.

Driving across Canada with three little ones definitely brought on some stress. They weren’t in their beds the routine was off so we spent a few night watching cartoons till midnight only to get back up between 5-7 am. I did indulge in the breakfast buffets because of this. I would literally be starving every morning and couldn’t wait to get them dressed and to the breakfast area.  My plans of having my shake every morning went right out the window the second I saw the bacon, sausages, eggs and breakfast potatoes lol.

I was sad by the lack of weight loss progress when I got home but I am coming to terms with it. We went on an epic family vacation that included lots of BBQ’s, a wedding, visiting several members of the family and a total of 14 days in a car driving to Ontario and back to BC. I’ve realized I can’t change the things I should have done this summer but I can start right now.

When we got home from our vacation we came home to a broken fridge. You would think that would be enough to set me down a path of eating once again but instead we borrowed a mini fridge till ours gets delivered on Tuesday. And I have to tell you we were able to pack an impressive amount of food into that little fridge.  I am back on track and feeling great. I’m planning on catching up with friends I didn’t see over the summer this week and then add in some workouts to this weight loss plan.

So what did you do this summer?

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